Nasal congestion is actually one of the oldest complaints of mankind. This situation, which is not a problem for some, is mostly
Time can turn our lives into a nightmare. We have a headache, our sleep quality deteriorates, taste and smell
our senses become dull, causing frequent upper respiratory tract infections due to mouth breathing.
can cause. So much has been written and drawn about nasal congestion that sometimes we are not confused.
not. We wanted to ask the experts about what are the known mistakes. Ear Nose Throat and
Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Op Dr Bahadır Baykal is very busy with his nose diseases and surgery.
a surgeon with a keen interest,
First of all, I wonder what are the causes of nasal congestion?
The causes of nasal congestion are different. Sometimes it’s a simple bone curvature, sometimes it’s a swelling of the nasal flesh.
may cause the situation. We frequently encounter mass formations (polyps) that should not be in the nose. Of course
allergies and air pollution should not be forgotten.
Does air pollution also cause nasal congestion?
Of course, the unclean ambient air causes the nasal concha, which we call the concha, and the nasal mucosa.
causes swelling. Likewise, nasal congestion is common in smokers. Nose surgery in particular.
If the person continues to smoke after a while, his nose starts to get blocked after a while. even to you
let me tell you something interesting, it is common with unhealthy climatized air in plazas, hotel rooms, business centers.
Even contact leads to chronic nasal congestion after a while.
How does cigarette smoke cause nasal congestion? There are a lot of smokers in the society, what would you recommend?
Cigarette smoke directly disrupts the cleaning action in the nose and sinuses. Good cleaning
If not, particles, dust and harmful substances remain in the nose and
causes swelling, edema of the mucosal tissue. After a while, the congestion increases, the sinuses
functions are also affected. If smoking is stopped, the nose will be healthy in a short time.
gets it. My advice is to stay away from smoking.
So which allergens cause nasal congestion?
Allergies can be caused by many things. Pollen, house dust, pet dander, mold and more
lots of items. Sometimes, it can cause allergies due to reasons related to your professional environment. troublesome allergic
Avoiding substances is very important in treatment. If you are experiencing difficulties, medication and vaccination
allergies can be controlled.
What other reasons can cause allergies?
It is often missed, but nasal congestion that occurs after the 3rd month of pregnancy is a common problem.
is a complaint. It is caused by the hormone estrogen. I have witnessed that it becomes unbearable in some pregnant women.
The use of contraceptives can have a similar effect. Rarely, thyroid hormone level
may also cause nasal congestion.
What is the most common cause of nasal congestion?
Although nasal bone curvature, known as deviation, is known as the most common cause of nasal congestion in the community,
However, enlargement or swelling of the nasal concha, which we call the concha, causes this complaint more frequently.
So, what kind of treatment approach do you have in turbinate enlargement?
First of all, is the nasal flesh growth alone? Or with the bone curvature called deviation? this
must be evaluated. Often times, for success in deviation surgery, simultaneously swollen turbinates
We do reduction surgery. Sometimes, reduction with radiofrequency is sufficient.
We may need endoscopic concha reduction, that is, surgery. No nasal curvature
In patients, only the nasal concha is sufficient.
Does everyone with bone curvature have nasal congestion?
Look, nobody’s inner part of the nose, that is the middle part of the nose, is not as straight as drawn with a ruler. Nose
If there is a curvature that narrows the channels, breathing is affected. Condition of cartilage and bone curvature
depending on the degree of congestion occurs. If there is a complaint, surgery may be required.
What health problems can nasal congestion cause?

Nasal congestion is not often seen as an important health problem, but it comes with many important health problems.
brings the problem. For example, sleep disturbance and snoring, severe headache, heart disease,
hypertension and taste – smell disorders are some of the discomforts caused by nasal congestion.
Why do nasal bone curvatures occur?
Nasal bone curvature is congenitally due to retraction due to different development of facial bones.
occurs. Sometimes traumas affecting the nose during birth or early childhood
may develop as a result.
In which situations do you decide on bone curvature surgery, apart from nasal congestion?
If you suffer from curvature headache, facial pressure sensation, recurrent nosebleeds, sinusitis and middle ear infections.
If it does, it is useful to correct it with surgery. I did not include snoring and sleep apnea in this category.
because a curvature severe enough to cause snoring and sleep apnea already causes nasal congestion.
How do you do the deviation surgery?
Usually the surgery is done through the nose. The cartilage and bone curvature that narrows the nasal canal is removed,
the middle part of the nose is corrected by reshaping. Open technique in severe curves from time to time
We need an approach, especially the location of the cartilage and bone axis in the middle roof of the nose.
We also do rhinoplasty in cases where it changes and partially weakens.
Are you doing rhinoplasty?
Yes, functional rhinoplasty is essential in many nasal obstruction surgeries for healthy breathing. Nose
It is wrong to think that only the curvature of the inner part causes nasal congestion due to a dynamic structure.
It is possible. Nasal wings, nasal roof, nasal root and axis curvatures are accompanied by deviation problem.
structures to be evaluated.
After nasal surgery, the application of nasal packing, which patients fear most, is as frequent as before.
I guess it doesn’t apply, what are you using now? How is the healing process going?
Nose surgeries can now be performed without tampons. Nothing to the nose in simple interventions
may not be placed. In complex surgeries, we use the corrugated apparatus called silicone for a few days.
We may have to hold it in the nose. Silicones are very comfortable and uncomfortable compared to tampons.
materials that do not breathe, but that we can breathe at the same time. Healing process is very fast Heaviest
Even in surgeries, it is possible to return to social life on the seventh day at the latest. A pain relieved by painkillers
Is there an age limit for the correction of nasal bone curvature?
Anyone over the age of 17 is suitable for this surgery. There is no upper age limit.
Frankly, the possibility of failure after nose surgery scares those who want to have this surgery, and
There are many unhappy patients around me, I’m curious about your opinion?
I think the most important point here is choosing the right doctor. After nasal bone curvature in experienced hands
Corrective surgery is rarely needed. Sometimes the patient’s own cartilage, bone or tissue
Revision surgery may be required for reasons arising from its structure. If 15-20 minutes
If it is a problem that can be solved with small interventions, this can be considered reasonable, but most of the time it is from the ear area.
or we encounter correction surgeries where we need to take additional cartilage from the rib; this is sick
It’s a pretty troubling situation. I think the first pre-operative diagnosis is very important. Often the middle roof
problems in the tip of the nose and nose wings are bypassed, even if the patient’s deviation improves, these problems
He can’t breathe because it has not been taken care of. Be sure, the applicant for the inner part curvature surgery and the surgery
Although functional rhinoplasty was performed in the first operation, many patients who did not improve despite
there will probably be no need for corrective surgery.
What is the relationship between nasal congestion and the problem of smell?
In fact, patients do not attach much importance to the problem of smell and taste, perhaps the treatment
He applied to the doctor late because he thought that it could not be done. Studies show that; taste and smell
The atrophy of their senses is often the result of chronic nasal obstructions that have not been treated in childhood.
is developing. Formation of olfactory memory by recognizing odors begins in childhood.
It is very important to investigate the causes of nasal congestion in children and to treat them.

Is it a common occurrence?
In a study, it was determined that the sense of smell was atrophied in one out of every four people over the age of 50.
Naturally, when the sense of smell is impaired, the food we eat does not have a taste. Our sense of taste and our sense of smell
closely related. Loss of smell in chronic sinusitis, polyps and allergic conditions, turbinate swelling
resolves with treatment of the cause. An important cause of loss of smell is a simple upper respiratory tract infection.
Unfortunately, in this case, treatment is always possible.
it may not be.

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