Diabetics should be more careful in the coronavirus epidemic

In these days when we are struggling with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection that affects the whole world, we need to stay healthy more than ever. There are data showing that coronavirus infection progresses worse in chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart and lung, and in patients with suppressed immune system.

He explained that the COVID-19 infection is most severe in diabetic patients. More attention should be paid to type-1 diabetic patients over the age of 35 and patients with type-2 diabetes over the age of 45, whose duration is over 5-10 years.

Coronavirus Warning for Diabetics

As in all infections, ensuring good blood sugar control in coronavirus infection is the most important point in reducing the risk and severity of infection. Blood sugar control in patients means that the fasting blood glucose level is around 80-130 mg/dl before meals, and the postprandial blood glucose level is below 160 mg/dl 2 hours after meals. The best blood glucose monitoring in the whole world is when we measure it ourselves from the fingertip at home.

BloodIf your sugar is constantly above 250-300 mg/dl, patients should first contact their doctor, and reach a health institution or a diabetes nurse by phone.

Recommendations for the Immune System;

He made some dietary recommendations to provide balanced nutrition and body immunity, and stated the following;

Let’s drink enough fluids.

Do not neglect your medicines, keep spare medicine and food at home. If the blood sugar is not in sufficient balance, the dose of medication and insulin can be increased in consultation with your doctor.

Do not neglect your sleep.

Consuming seasonal fresh vegetables, plenty of salads, fruits, consuming plenty of shelled legumes, cereals, hazelnuts and peanuts

Move around the house as much as possible for about 45 minutes a day.

Attention to Pneumonia in Diabetes Patients

People with diabetes have a higher risk of developing pneumonia than other people. It is important that these patients are vaccinated against influenza and pneumonia.

In summary; When blood sugar is regulated, our risk of getting sick with COVID-19 and other infections will not be more than other people

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