Diabetes, also known as diabetes, is called the plague of our age. The frequency of each
is increasing day by day. Although the frequency varies regionally in the last scans, it is 23-24%.
finds them. Glucose in the blood is accompanied by high sugar levels. hunger in blood
Measuring glucose level above 126 mg/dl and satiety level above 200 mg/dl is the diagnosis of diabetes.
it puts. Genetic, environmental and dietary factors play a role in the onset of the disease.
is playing. Ineffectiveness or deficiency of the insulin hormone produced in the pancreas
causes. Frequent dry mouth, drinking a lot of water, feeling hungry, frequent urination at night,
weight loss or increase, visual impairment, etc. with these symptoms
Fasting blood glucose measurement, insulin, c peptide, 3-month average sugar in the blood
showing Hba1c tests are performed; Treatment of patients according to the results obtained here
It is regulated by specialist physicians in the form of pills or insulin. Diet, exercise and lifestyle
changes are as important as drug treatments. For newly diagnosed patients
Dietitian support is recommended.

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