Developmental tests for children

Denver II Developmental Screening Inventory

It is a development test applied to children between the ages of 0-6. The purpose of this test is to evaluate whether the child’s biological age and developmental characteristics are in harmony and compare his functional skills with his peers. As a result of this test, the areas that the child needs to be supported are determined and development support programs are prepared for these areas. These areas constitute the Personal – Social, Fine Motor, Gross Motor and Language development of the child.

GEÇDA (Gazi Early Childhood Assessment Tool)

It is a developmental test that evaluates the development of Turkish children 0-72 months in detail. Evaluates the psychomotor, cognitive, language, social-emotional development areas of the child. This test reflects the developmental characteristics of Turkish children and evaluates all developmental stages in detail.

AGTE (Ankara Developmental Screening Inventory)

It is a development test applied to 0-6 years old children to evaluate their skills. This test is a test that evaluates Language-Cognitive development, Social skills-Self-care development, Fine Motor development, Gross Motor development, applied with both the child and the person or persons who take care of the child.

TIFALDI (Turkish Receptive and Expressive Language Test)

It is a test applied to children between the ages of 2-12. It is applied to children who do not have hearing and vision problems. The aim of the test is to evaluate the vocabulary usage and acquisitions of children whose mother tongue is Turkish. With the TIFALDI test, the development process of the child’s language and the differences in its levels are determined and appropriate development support programs are prepared.

GESELL Developmental Figures Test

This test is a performance evaluation test applied to children between the ages of 3 and 10. It consists of 7 main shapes ordered from easy to difficult and measures the child’s visual perception, visual memory, hand-eye coordination, small muscle skills and motor skills.

BAYLEY Developmental Screening Scale

It is a scale used to monitor the development of infants aged 1-42 months, young children and premature babies. Appropriate development support programs are prepared by following mental, motor development, receptive language, expressive language, fine motor, gross motor and social development.

METROPOLITAN School Readiness Test

It is a test applied to measure whether children between the ages of 5 years, 6 months and 6 years are ready to start primary school. This test measures the child’s skills such as Word Comprehension, Sentences, General Knowledge, Matching, Numbers, Copying.

PEABODY Picture Vocabulary Test

It is a test applied to measure the language development of children and individuals between the ages of 2.5 and 18. It is necessary to take early precautions with expert support and to support language development in various ways.

Marmara Primary Education Readiness Test

This test is carried out to determine whether Turkish children aged 60 – 72 months are ready for primary school.

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