It is a common topic that parents who are in their 30s and have children are always talking about.
there is a subject; When we were little, we used to spend time outside with our friends, play ball and ride bikes.
We could not understand how the time passed. In fact, we didn’t want to enter the house from the outside.
We used to eat a solid brush from our father, but in the next and the days after, we still knew what we knew.
we would. Those days were fun, those days were full of joy, it was the taste of sharing and being friends.
days were different…
Again, the same parents also have a complaint about their own children.
they can be rightly; my child does not go out to the street, my child does not make friends
He is reluctant to be with us all the time, and meanwhile he has either a mobile phone or
there is a tablet or another technological device that can play games…
Do you remember the childhood of our generation, who are now in their 30s?
There were only a few technological devices in their time. touching, tampering with these devices and
perhaps, for many of us, it had a meaning that required permission from our parents.
Cameras that take 36 exposures, virtual babies whose image grows on the screen as you feed them, even
he has just begun to visit the corner of our house, and perhaps he is covered with a lace cloth.
computers. Do you remember, the computers we call 146 to connect to the internet.
Why was it far or difficult to reach these opportunities in those days? There can be many financial reasons.
conditions may be, perhaps our needs have not yet shifted towards the field of technology, perhaps
Our point of view is that personal or social time that can be spent outside is valuable to us.
to know and the existing conditions regarding the products imported to our country…
Talking about the existence of a child who has not recently met with a smartphone or tablet
It seems almost impossible. Moreover, it is time to meet these tools, unfortunately 2-3
down to his age. This inevitably worries parents.
So what is causing this? Why kids no longer play outside like they used to
prefer to be alone at home instead of spending time with mobile phones or tablets? This
There may be many reasons that we can and cannot control. The more we can control
I want to dwell on the reasons. The first is a person who spends time at home with a smartphone or tablet.
Maybe we can say the existence of the mother and father, in addition to this, sometimes the child in an environment where adults are present.
one of the parents handing over the smartphone to the child so that he can “hang around and behave” for a bit,
Unfortunately, their smartphones and the games in them are now a socialization tool among children.
the fact that the children who come together at school often establish a dialogue on this issue,
Why don’t I have a child who sees that one of their friends has convenient access to these devices?
After saying that, maybe he competed with his environment on this issue, then Mom and Dad’s
to be a tool for this, albeit unintentionally… Apart from that, there are many things that we cannot finish by writing here.
Different reasons may also contribute to the formation of this habit.

So how does this habit or addiction affect our children?
Exposure to the negative effects of magnetic waves emitted by smartphones
it’s coming out,
Focus and attention problems arise: the child is so colorful and diverse in the virtual world
interacts with stimuli, the real world begins to become monotonous to him over time, and he
can lose. He’s walking away from his lessons.
It weakens the power to evaluate the truth and make judgments,
When restrictions are placed on a dependent child Parent and child
the ground for the deterioration of the relationship between
There is a risk of transferring the elements of bullying in the games that exist in the virtual world to the real world.
becomes a subject, the child begins to have a rude attitude towards his friends,
It causes them to stay away from their friends and social environments,
It hinders the fulfillment of responsibilities,
It causes insomnia, headaches, visual defects, prevents regular nutrition,
Doing an activity in the same position all the time negatively affects the musculoskeletal system over time,
The possibility of using the Internet and smartphones as cheating tools in exams arises.
turns out,
The Internet environment is not just an environment for children, it is also an environment for adults with ulterior motives.
environment, so these people are more likely to interact with children.
What can be done?
Of course, approaching children with pressure and threats will not work. in their daily life
you should support him to take responsibilities appropriate for his age, as he fulfills his responsibilities
Praising their success will do them good. Definitely within a program within the time you allow and
you should tell them well that they can play the games you allow, parental filtering
use would be helpful. Do not leave the internet open all the time, and change your password from time to time.
I can recommend you change it. It is absolutely certain that you are the decision-making mechanism in such matters.
they must be understood. But most importantly, make time for your child.
It’s about having an idea of ​​how you’re going to spend your time. Mom as a positive role model
and Fathers undoubtedly make the most correct and necessary contribution to the Physical and Psychological development of their children.
will provide.
It is undeniable that technology makes our lives easier, but it can also address the problems I just mentioned.
obviously cause. Here comes the question of how we use technology.
do you think?

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