Developing Responsibility Consciousness in Children

Responsibility is the timely fulfillment of our duties and obligations towards ourselves and our environment.
means to be conscious. The biggest task in the formation of a sense of responsibility is the child.
As in every step of its development, it falls to the parents. Responsibility in the family
development shapes the whole life of children; as individuals with self-confidence to socialize
Children who grow up with a sense of responsibility become more successful and happier in every aspect of their lives. Therefore, every parent should do their best for their child to be responsible. So how can we bring responsibility to these children?

Get to Know Your Child..

In order to give your child appropriate responsibilities; You need to know the characteristics of your child’s developmental period and have information about his/her personal characteristics. You can support the development of a sense of responsibility by observing and being aware of your child’s feelings and thoughts, abilities, circle of friends, and deficiencies.

Be a Role Model for Your Child..

Let your child start school or reach a certain age for a sense of responsibility.
You should not wait. You should start to give a sense of responsibility as a role model at a young age. If you support your child by giving small responsibilities appropriate to his development from an early age, you will also support your child’s abilities and sense of being able to do. As a role model, you will reinforce your child’s sense of responsibility. Because children tend to copy everything you do by observing. You should be a good role model at this point while giving your child responsibility for his/her development. In addition to encouraging them to fulfill their responsibilities, giving your child positive feedback as they fulfill their responsibilities is important for taking responsibility. is an attitude.

Support the Development of Self Confidence..

It is absolutely necessary to develop your child’s self-confidence in order to gain a sense of responsibility.
As a parent, the words you say and the actions you make, consciously or unintentionally, are an effective point in your child’s self-confidence development. Instead of what you do ‘for your child’s well-being’ and support and improve their development, they do things that your child can do easily with words such as ‘I will do it, I will dress you, did you want water’ and give your child If you think you are doing good, you are wrong.
In addition, by making comparisons, your child’s peers and peers with words such as ‘I motivate’
Making comparisons with his/her friends undermines your child’s self-confidence. The child who feels inadequate will both cause him to feel anger towards the person you are comparing and believe that he/she should be constantly in competition with someone who is not aware of his/her abilities. Knowing that your child is special and unique, you should approach them knowing that they have their own characteristics.

Know that your child has the right to choose..

Not only children, but all of us, as individuals, adopt the situations we can choose and choose more and act with higher motivation. Because making choices is important for motivation and adoption. When we make our choices, we see it as a ‘problem to be solved’. Since our own choices are always more motivating, we go to resolution with an internal responsibility.
Therefore, the subjects you want to give responsibility to your children are not what you prefer as a job; If you present it as your child’s choice by offering options, you will both increase your child’s motivation and internalize the sense of responsibility.

Review Your Family Structure..

The most important point of giving your child responsibility is knowing your family structure. If your family structure is inconsistent, you cannot teach your child the sense of responsibility. Because there are no family rules and habits in inconsistent family structures, and children will learn the structure of uncertainty. Because every child is a mirror of their family. Children are different from the family structure you have adopted. will not evolve.
In order to bring responsibility to the child, it is necessary to have a democratic family structure. In order to have a democratic family structure, parents need to draw clear boundaries at home, order is formed in family structures with rules, routines and consistent behaviors, and responsibilities are also applied by family members. Democrat families with certain boundaries also give the child autonomy by giving the right to choose within the boundaries. Children feel safe in families where they live. When they have the right to choose with your democratic attitude, they develop as self-confident and self-aware individuals. The parent-child relationship, in which family ties are strong, develops.

Don’t Solve Your Child’s Problems..

Giving your child a sense of responsibility is not just about his physical abilities.
Your child’s sense of responsibility is also important in accepting the consequences of the decisions he or she makes.
We prepare it because, as an individual, it is a situation that he encounters when he is in social life.
The ability to solve the problem and its ability to solve it is achieved through the acquisition of a sense of responsibility in the family. Solving the problems he encounters in social life alone, accepting the consequences of his behavior, acting with the awareness of his own feelings and needs enable your child to develop as a healthy and happy individual. yourself
Parents who do not give responsibility to their children cause their children to feel inadequate and powerless in social life. For example, homework is your child’s responsibility and your child should take the responsibility of not doing his homework, not you. Parents who do the homework of the child who do not do homework here make the child’s life difficult instead of making it easier. They are learning to be dependent individuals, not dependent. They develop as individuals who cannot solve their own problems in social life.
For this reason, parents should give their children responsibilities appropriate to the development of the child from a young age.
It should provide the development of responsibility awareness by giving an example to the child. Therefore, it is important not to expect rapid development and to be constantly supportive.

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