A special skin filler that helps to eliminate the puffiness, bruises, grayness and dark appearance under the eyes.
process. Very fine-tipped mesotherapy for areas such as around the eyes, under the eyes, under-eye bags and tear trough
Volume is added with needles.

Because of the dark circles under the eyes, even a young woman without many wrinkles is much more than she is.
He may look old and tired. Where this hyaluronic acid is injected, it creates a radiance, shine and shimmer.
creating an illusion, eliminating under-eye images such as bruises, grays and darkness, resulting in a more aesthetic and vigorous
showing appearance. Thus, the tired and exhausted image disappears. People who are usually in sight
Preferred by the under eye light filling, it is a very effective application.

What is used for filling?
Injected skin filler for under-eye light filling, cross-linked, reduced-concentrate hyaluronic
is acid.

How long does the filling last?
The duration of under-eye light filling may be different for each patient, because each patient’s skin type and skin
The ability to hold the filler is different. In general, during the time the filler is permanent, i.e. 4
Provides permanence for months. In some patients, it can last for 5-6 months.

When performing under-eye light filling, it is painful because the application area is thin skin. But the procedure is local anesthesia.
The patient does not feel anything because it is done with the help of the patient.

What should be considered after the application?
There are some issues that the patient should pay attention to for 1 week after the application. because
The under eye is a critical area and the filling material settles where it is injected and the risks are eliminated.
1 week is required for it to take off. During this period, not rubbing the eyes, not massaging the eye area,
not to sleep face down, not to do sports by tilting the head forward, to apply hot water and chemicals
should not be contacted.

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