Dermatology (Skin Diseases)

Today, allergic skin diseases are increasing due to modern lifestyles and changing environmental conditions. Atopic Eczema, Contact Eczema, Urticaria (Hives) find the causes of skin diseases such as; Understanding whether it is internal or external is very important in terms of preventing chronicity and recurrence of diseases as well as first-line treatment.

This form of treatment, which is based on the immunosuppressive effect of sunlight on the skin, is particularly Psoriasis. (Psoriasis), Vitiligo (white spots), Parapsoriasis, Mycosis fungoides (skin lymphoma)It is a method that should be the first choice in treatment, with a very low probability of side effects compared to effective, oral immunosuppressive drugs that have been used for years in diseases related to the immune system, such as diseases related to the immune system.

PUVA, RePUVAModern designed Phototherapy treatments are applied in the form of Ultraviolet A, Ultraviolet B and hand and foot PUVA therapy.

Venereal Diseases

Early diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases is very important in terms of public health and preventive medicine.

Syphilis (Sphilis):This bacterial disease, which is transmitted from the skin and mucous membranes by sexual contact, shows its first symptoms in the form of wounds, rashes and redness on the skin and mucous membranes.

Gonorrhea:Most patients are asymptomatic carriers, as they may show symptoms with discharge two to four days after contact in mucosal areas such as the urethra and rectum.

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