Dermapen opens microchannels in the skin at a right angle without damaging the epidermis. 0.5mm – 2.5mm
There are needle lengths between
Increasing its penetration into the skin by using it in combination with it is called dermatherapy.


When Dermapen is applied to the skin, its needles open microchannels on the skin. Microchannels approx. 20
Within minutes, it closes by itself with the skin’s own elasticity without leaving any traces.
Dermatherapy is the growth factor through these microgates to the lower layers of the skin,
It is the process of sending biomimetic peptide and stem cell extract products. According to a normal practice
It provides 200 times more skin to pass. The microchannels opened by the Dermapen are as if wound by the skin.
is perceived as such, the skin initiates a repair mechanism within itself. Growth with wound healing mechanism
Anti-aging effect is provided as a result of secretion of factors (collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin fibrils).


Under-eye bruises and bags
Hair loss
Anti-aging: Provides new collagen, elastin, fibronectin, hyaluronyl acid stimulation, Fine line and
in wrinkles
Stain: In melasma and hyperpigmentation (skin spots, sun and post-pregnancy spots)
Correction of acne scars (acne scars), reduction of large pore skin structure
Relieves the appearance of skin cracks (striae), improves mobility in burn scars
It can be applied with confidence and excellent effectiveness in increasing (reducing contracture)


Before dermatherapy, a local anesthetic cream (30 minutes) is applied, followed by an antiseptic solution.
cleared. The target area is scanned at least 4-10 times in the form of a star. After the application, the skin is cleaned and
The product to be applied is fed to the skin within 15 minutes.
The redness that occurs after the rash usually lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours. The most important part of dermatherapy
One of its advantages is that it does not cause sun sensitivity, so it can be easily used in summer.
However, after any application to the skin, it must be at least SPF 30+.
It is recommended to use sunscreen that provides protection.


The application session intervals and number vary according to the variety of treatment. Session interval is 2-4 weeks and
The number of applications is on average 4-6 sessions.

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