Thanks to the needles on the Dermaroller, it enables the opening of micro channels in the skin. Dermaroller
The drugs applied immediately after the application pass through these channels and reach the lower layers of the skin.
Thus, the effectiveness of the drugs increases. In addition, these needles cause inflammation and regenerate the tissue.
It provides restructuring and regeneration of the skin.

What is Dermaroller used for?
Dermaroller is especially applied on acne scars. Also wrinkle, skin rejuvenation, large pores,
It can also be used on spots, stretch marks (striae) and scars.

How is Dermaroller applied?
Before applying the Dermaroller, pain-reducing creams can be applied and waited for 30 minutes. After the skin is thoroughly cleaned
Then the dermaroller is applied by circulating it on the skin with light pressure with back and forth movements. Dermaroller
Necessary drugs are applied immediately after it to be absorbed through the channels it opens. The procedure is about 20-30 minutes
takes. This process can also be combined with the PRP method.

How many sessions of Dermaroller are applied?
Dermaroller can be applied in 4-6 sessions at intervals of 2-4 weeks, taking into account the needs of the person.

What are the side effects of Dermaroller?
Mild redness, bruising or swelling may occur for 1-2 days after treatment. Sun protection is recommended.
Usually no significant side effects are expected.

Who can not apply Dermaroller?
Those who use oral isotretinoin therapy during treatment, those who use sun-sensitive drug therapy,
during pregnancy and lactation, those with active acne, those with active infection at the application site,
It is applied in those with keloid tendency and those receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy or high-dose cortisone.
not recommended.

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