Dermapen Treatment

In Dermapen treatment, micro-channels are opened vertically on the skin with multiple needles. Thanks to 90-degree needling, much less epidermal damage occurs, and it is much safer for the person to be treated.

Thanks to the automatic and vibrating needling technique, Dermapen reduces the occurrence of pain and increases the effectiveness of the treatment by increasing the amount of absorption of the products. Thanks to the possibility of combined applications with Dermapen, non-ablative, for example, Fractional Laser Therapy, IPLand Chemical Peel We can achieve more effective results from treatments such as Another benefit of Dermapen applications is the cost advantage that cannot be compared with other device applications.

Needles used in acupuncture treatments, the effectiveness of which has been proven all over the world for the treatment of both skin and other diseases, has become hope for people. The dermapen treatment system, which is produced based on the principle of causing damage to the skin in a controlled manner, has been chosen as the best skin rejuvenation system in recent times in the USA. In this type of skin problems experienced

The system of injecting drugs into the skin surface, called mesotherapy, is widely used by experts. Dermapen system can be used in combination with all skin treatment drugs, vitamins and prp. Thanks to this feature, the Dermapen system, which ensures that the drug, vitamin and prp process applied from our own blood is completely absorbed by the skin, maximizes the effectiveness of all the solutions used and stands out as an extremely attractive treatment method with these features.

What is Skin Rejuvenation with Dermapen?

Before applying Dermapen, make-up residues on the skin are thoroughly cleaned and the skin is thoroughly disinfected. Pure hyaluronic acid is applied to the area where Dermapen will be applied. Ultra-thin micro needles of the Dermapen device that enter and exit the skin perpendicularly (0.02mm) Thanks to the opening of microscopic channels on the skin surface, it triggers the healing mechanisms of the skin. After the procedure, a soothing peptide mask is applied to the person.

The Dermapen process takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes. During this time, we can mention that collagen and elastin synthesis, which are indispensable for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, are provided and blood circulation is increased.

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