Depression during the Covid-19 home isolation process

During the pandemic period, as adults, adolescents and children, as well as psychiatric patients who have been diagnosed and whose treatment continues, we have started to experience problems both mentally and physically during the home isolation process. At the beginning of these mental problems, of course, depression comes, and we can even say that it is the first mental illness that we can encounter in the days of corona. So, are we aware that in this troublesome pandemic process that everyone is going through, we are actually starting to lose a lot of things, even though we are at home? Some of us lost their jobs , social environment but most importantly our freedom . It didn’t take long for us to realize how important these losses are in home isolation. As a matter of fact, waiting for the return of lost things is one of the reasons that puts this process in trouble. Even though the normalization process sprinkles water on people, we realize that nothing is the same anymore when we have what we lost again, and that’s where depression begins. After we get out of the quarantine period, we realize that temporary losses lose their meaning when we regain our longingly lost jobs, social lives and freedoms. Our loss was coinciding with the quarantine process, which we were not accustomed to. In this process, those who mourned their losses and continued their lives consciously were more fortunate than those who were prone to depression. So what should we do to get out of depression?

-It is necessary to stop waiting, it is not known when the current pandemic will last. Do not push your work to post-pandemic. Each delay will make us question the meaning of that thing more.

– Our sleeping order is completely confused during the pandemic home isolation process. Take care to sleep in a way that will benefit more from the Sunlight, and be careful not to get up early and go to bed late.

– Of course sport! The body’s production of antibodies works in the same way as it releases endorphins. Both are your body’s defense mechanism. The factors that deeply affect both systems are the feeling of happiness and regular exercise.

For this reason, you can do exercises that will increase your mobility rather than very heavy sports that will force yourself.

– And keep moving! In order not to get lost in the flow of your intense feelings and thoughts, plan activities that can distract your mind.

– Do not be focused on the past. Yes, we have been through hard times and we are still in this pandemic. And we do not know how long the pandemic will continue. Try not to constantly think about the troubles experienced while trying to bypass this process.

And finally, we should know that it is necessary to cope with problems rather than having no problems in our life. We should always focus on what we have and know how to say goodbye to what we have lost. Because what matters is not what life has taken from us, but what we have accomplished by leaving behind.

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