Depression is an illness characterized by persistent sadness and inability to perform daily functions for at least two weeks, along with loss of interest in activities you normally enjoy doing. In addition, depressed people often experience loss of energy, weight gain or loss, sleep less or sleep more, anxiety, decreased concentration, difficulty maintaining attention, indecision, restlessness, feeling worthless, guilt or hopelessness, self-harm. or suicidal thoughts.

How is depression treated?
There are many methods that have proven their reliability in the treatment of depression. The important thing is to find the right method for you. Persistence and time are paramount in the treatment of depression. You should start by finding and consulting a suitable psychologist and finding out what the problem is. Eating regularly, exercising regularly and improving your sleep quality can be effective methods. As a result of scientific studies, it has been proven that physical exercise performed at least 1-2 hours a week is protective against the formation of depression. Stop thinking about the negative events you have experienced and do not make predictions about your future. The most poisonous criticism is the criticism you have made to yourself, at the point where you realize that you are criticizing yourself and someone else, stop yourself and try to be more positive in all areas of life. Instead of thinking and examining the same things over and over, make positive suggestions to yourself and creating a positive (logical) voice that overcomes negative thoughts when they come can help to drive this thought away. Take control of your life and if you let your negative emotions guide you, you don’t have enough control. Make an effort to develop a more positive approach.

Note to the day
Freud; He emphasized that the secret of a balanced and happy life is to love a lot and said, “At the end, one has to love in order not to get sick.” He said. It is salvation to love people, animals, flowers, your work and everything around you, especially yourself. Have a nice day, see you next week.

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