Dental Prosthesis on the Same Day as Implant

Dental implants are the most effective solution for patients suffering from missing teeth. Dental implants look like your own natural teeth and perform their functions in that way. The All On Four technique is a technique that allows the fixation of the dental prosthesis on the same day on four dental implants placed at certain angles in edentulous patients. Patients who are planned for All On Four treatment should first undergo a clinical and radiological examination. Computed tomography (IT) Measurements are made on the patient and a suitable planning is made for the patient. This treatment consists of two stages as surgery and dental prosthesis procedures. After 4 dental implants are placed on the patient as planned on the day of treatment, the temporary dental prosthesis is fixed on the dental implants on the same day. After 3 months, permanent dental prostheses are made to the patient.

All On Four Treatment

This treatment can be applied to all edentulous (no teeth) patients who do not have any systemic disease that may prevent dental implant surgery and have sufficient bone volume.

After the procedure, the temporary dental prosthesis fixed on the dental implants can be used immediately. However, in the 3-month period, which is the process of fusion of dental implants and bone, patients should be fed with a recommended diet. After this process is completed, it is possible to return to the normal diet with the permanent prosthesis to be made.

What are the advantages?

It offers a fixed dental prosthesis to edentulous patients with a single surgical procedure on the same day.

Sinus lift (sinus lift surgery)The operation is easier since no advanced surgical procedure such as bone addition is applied.

Dental implant surgery time is very short.

Since the number of dental implants used is reduced and it does not require extra surgical procedures, the cost is even lower.

If it is a person, special planning, an aesthetic appearance and smile aesthetics are provided.

It is easy to clean and maintain.

It is suitable for patients who cannot use removable dentures.

Design palatal denture (full denture) is different according to It is easier to use because it does not cover the palate of the patient.

Is it a reliable technique?

All-on-Four technique (4 implant techniques) It is a technique that has been successfully applied in dentistry for over 10 years. This technique offers patients a reliable, fast and low-cost treatment option in dentistry. Although it requires extra cost, technology and skill, it is frequently used by physicians working in this field and it is seen that a very high success rate is achieved.

Laser Implant Applications

Implant applications made with this method are known as minimally invasive methods. This method can be applied in any area where bone volume is appropriate. Before the laser assisted implant application, three-dimensional computed tomography is taken from the patient and detailed information about the width and depth of the bone tissue where the implant will be placed is obtained. In this application, only the area of ​​the gingiva to be implanted; erbium, diode, Nd;YAG,CO2 opened using any of the lasers. After reaching the bone tissue, an implant-wide cavity is opened with the erbium laser in the compact part of the bone, which is the hardest part of the bone. An implant is placed in the opened space. After laser assisted implant application, diode or Nd;YAG laser biostimulation is applied. Thanks to this application, the pain that may occur after the operation is eliminated and tissue healing is accelerated.

Advantages of Laser Implant

In laser-assisted implant applications, post-operative recovery time is short, since only a gingival and bone procedure is performed in the area where the implant will be applied.

Erbium; YSSGWith the hydrokinetic cutting technique of lasers, all kinds of bone surgery and implant applications are performed without damaging the bone tissue, so that post-operative bone union is at maximum level.

Before the application, 3D computed tomography is taken from the patient, and all the details about the width and depth of the bone tissue where the implant will be placed are obtained. Thus, no surprises are encountered during the operation and the operation is concluded in a short time.

All On Four and Columbus Bridge methods, which are now being applied around the world, heal faster when they are applied with laser support, because there is no open wound, and because there is no suture, they prevent GI accumulation and make it easier to use teeth after surgery.

Especially in single tooth deficiencies, laser-assisted implant application and when suitable leukemia is found, the implant is applied immediately and the implant can be applied on the implant. CAD-CAMWith the ceramic reconstruction method, it can be made available to the patient by gluing the permanent tooth in a short time like 2 hours.

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