dental implant

Tooth loss caused by dental caries or periodontal (gum diseases) over the years negatively affects patients aesthetically and functionally. Today, the use of dental implants has become quite common. Considering both patient satisfaction and the advantages it provides to dentists, dental implants have gained an important place in modern dentistry.

What is an implant?

The concept of osteointegration, which is considered the basis of oral implantology, is based on the microscopic studies performed by Branemak in 1952 on the bone healing of rabbit bones. The concept of osteointegration emerged as a result of the studies carried out in the 1960s. Osteointegration has been defined as a direct structural and functional connection between living bone tissue and the implant surface.

Dental implants are structures that are generally composed of titanium and titanium alloys placed in the jaw bones.

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