Dental care for baby

When should I see my baby at the dentist?

Your child should make his first visit to the pediatric dentist when his first teeth are erupting, which corresponds to an average of 6 months to 1 year of age. This visit will take place in a clinical setting suitable for your child. Early assessment and preventive care will preserve your child’s healthy and natural smile.

Why should it be so early? What types of dental problems might my child have?

The most important thing is to start programs to protect teeth. Dental problems can start early. The biggest concern is Early Childhood Caries, known as “Bottle Caries”. In addition, children’s diet includes things other than breast milk (foods and drinks that can cause caries) and are also prone to cavities when teeth first erupt. For these reasons, an early check-up is the best chance to prevent dental problems. Children with healthy teeth can enjoy food and laugh confidently. Let’s get started with the oral health habits that your child will use for life.

How can I prevent baby bottle rot in my child?

Breastfeeding should be stopped between 20-24 months and continued with other additional foods (such as adults). Children should not fall asleep with bottles in their mouths. Bottles should contain only pure milk, no sweeteners (sugar, honey, molasses, etc.). Juice, cola, etc. from bottles. Liquids should be avoided. Fruit juices or the like should only be given in a glass at mealtimes and should be rinsed with at least water immediately after administration. The bottle should be discontinued between 12-14 months at the latest.

Should I be concerned about my child’s thumb sucking?

Thumb sucking is very normal in newborns and usually resolves by the age of 2 years. Extended thumb sucking causes crooked teeth and occlusion problems. If this habit persists beyond the age of 3, a professional evaluation is recommended. Your pediatric dentist will be happy to provide you with information about the remedies for this habit.

When should I start cleaning my baby’s teeth?

At birth, the child’s gums should be cleaned with soft toothbrushes, clean gauze or water. Immediately after the first teeth start to appear in the mouth, they should be brushed twice a day with toothpaste and toothbrush appropriate for their age.

In children under the age of two, the teeth should be brushed directly by the family or with the help of the family by applying the toothpaste superficially on the toothbrush. In children aged 2-5, the amount of paste applied to the toothbrush should be smaller than a pea (eg, lentil grain) and the teeth should be brushed with the family. It should be noted that since the manipulation ability in children is not fully developed, they cannot perform effective brushing until certain ages.

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