Dental Aesthetics Treatment

Dental aesthetic treatment, aesthetic teeth, smile design, smile design, gum aesthetics, pink aesthetics. We have started to hear all these expressions frequently in recent years. As technological development progressed in the field of dental treatments, the expectations of patients and the rate of dentists meeting these expectations increased considerably. Not only for dental health, but also for dental aesthetics, the demands have intensified.

Dental aesthetic treatment can sometimes be limited to a single tooth whitening, aesthetic filling, composite laminate or porcelain laminate applied for a single tooth. Sometimes, all the teeth in the mouth, the jaw bones that hold the teeth, called alveoli, and even the lips are the treatment applications.

Although people resort to this type of treatment when they have discomfort in their mouth and teeth, they can have dental aesthetic treatments even if they have no problems. Dental aesthetics and smile aesthetics, like other aesthetic perceptions, are relative concepts. Some of the individuals who look very close to each other find their teeth aesthetic, while others may apply to the dentist for dental aesthetic treatment. The decision on this issue should be made by the patient and the physician together.

In this type of treatment, dentists usually create a treatment program and schedule suitable for the patient. Unless there is an unusual situation, necessary gingival treatments, tooth extractions, root canal treatments, dental fillings, and even supportive orthodontic treatments are applied respectively. After all these procedures, the planned dental prosthesis is made and the treatment program is completed. If there is no problem with dental and gingival health in the patient’s mouth, treatments related to dental aesthetics such as teeth whitening, composite or porcelain laminate can be started directly.

Patients usually think that they can use all dental treatments for a lifetime without any problems after the procedures are done. It should not be forgotten that dental treatments for health, aesthetics or both can cause problems. Like healthy teeth, fillings or dental veneers made by the dentist also need care.

In this sense, it is very important to brush regularly, use dental floss, and use mouthwashes when necessary. It is necessary to have a regular check-up with the dentist once every six months or at the latest once a year. Treatments for aesthetic teeth and aesthetic smile, especially covering the whole mouth, are applications that tire the patient financially and morally. Patients undergoing dental treatment should pay attention to oral and dental care for longer-lasting use and should not disrupt their regular controls.

Some patients have a misconception about this issue. They think that materials such as composite and porcelain used for the treatments do not need to be maintained and that they will not rot or deteriorate anyway. It should not be forgotten that all dental restorations are on the patient’s own teeth, gums, palate and jaw bones. Any discomfort in the patient’s own tissues, such as gingivitis, weakening and melting of the jawbone, will definitely negatively affect the dental treatments added to the mouth. For this reason, oral and dental care should not be neglected.

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