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Smiling is the beginning of communication. It is the easiest way to give a positive message to the other person. We smile while shaking hands, greeting, thanking, giving gifts. So how much does a beautiful, confident smile cost? The most frequently asked questions lately are about the price of dental aesthetics, the price of smile design, the price of pink aesthetics, the price of aesthetic teeth.

Unfortunately, when it comes to dental aesthetics, it is not possible to give a price without seeing the person. Because not everyone needs the same in aesthetic dentistry. sometimes all the components of a smile are very beautiful and in harmony; Just whitening is enough. sometimes a much more complex and multidisciplinary approach is required. Orthodontics, periodontology, implantology and prosthodontics may need to be combined in a specific plan. For this reason, there may be gaps between prices.

Another factor that determines the price in dental treatments is undoubtedly the materials. With the rapidly developing technology, more durable, more aesthetic and more biocompatible materials are emerging every day. Although using a better one increases the cost, the results are more pleasing.

For such reasons, the aesthetic perception of your physician, his love for his job, communication with you, and your trust in him are the factors that should be at the forefront in the decision-making process, rather than the price.

Dentists can adapt your smile to aesthetic norms. We can close the gaps between the teeth, increase the length, and arrange your gums and lips. We can give a much younger, more attractive or more intellectual smile; The only thing we cannot add is sincerity.

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