Demo motherhood

A short story describing the difficulties experienced in motherhood is shared below.

Her two-and-a-half-year-old child had come to her bed and asked, “Are you awake in all her sweetness?” Her mother reached for her daughter, kissed her, said no, honey, I’m going to sleep a little more, you go play with your toys. Her daughter said okay again with the same sweetness and went inside. The woman tried to sleep a little more with a smile on her face. He was about to fall asleep when the mother woke up and heard your voice again. He’s down a bit. He couldn’t sleep anymore, he got up and tried to stay calm, said I woke up girl and kissed his daughter. He washed his hands and face and they went to prepare breakfast together. Everything is ready, just as it is about to begin, the girl said give me ayran. The woman got up, made the ayran and handed it to her. He popped a bite into his mouth. The girl said give me a spoon, I will drink with a spoon. Her mother showed her own glass in her hand and said, “Look, I drink like this, you drink it like this without a spoon,” and the girl started shouting “no”. Her mother said okay honey, I just offered an opinion, you prefer to drink with a spoon, even though she said take a spoon, the girl started crying once. The mother looked at the breakfast table, looked at her daughter, took another bite, but the taste of the food was already gone. He bent over his daughter’s chair, said you wanted to drink with a spoon, I couldn’t understand, you were upset and angry, now you are crying. The girl immediately calmed down, pointing to the cheese on the table, what did she say, obviously trying to compose herself by changing the subject. Anne hugged again, you look calmer now, said let’s have our breakfast. The girl smiled and said ok. The mother turned her daughter’s chair to the table, sat down, and began to cry, lest she turn her immediately. The woman was finding it hard to bear now. She had calmed down ten seconds ago. She immediately repositioned her chair, said sorry for turning your chair without asking you, you wanted to sit like this, and hugged her. The girl snuggled closer and continued to cry a little, then calmed down. They had their breakfast, the mother’s energy was low, she was depressed, she either did not answer her daughter’s questions or gave short answers. The girl tried to raise her mother’s energy with chirpy behavior for a while. Damn, your mother was getting more depressed. Because he saw his daughter’s effort, he was sad, he was begging why am I like this, why I couldn’t come to my senses. Why couldn’t she regulate herself the way she could her daughter?

In the end, her daughter must have given up as well, because her mood also fell. He was also a little sleepy, but it had been almost a year since he had stopped taking his afternoon naps, and no matter how sleepy he got, he didn’t get much sleep during the day, but sometimes sleep was stressful. Today was one of those days. She took her phone in her hand, she was going to check a few things right away and leave. At that moment, something on the phone caught her daughter’s attention, she showed it, and she picked up the phone. The girl suddenly started to cry again, I was going to look, so that she could not lift it. The mother had run out of patience, so she went inside and tried to focus on her body so as not to yell at the child. She was breathing heavily, her arms tingling and her eyes burning. She wanted to cry, a few drops fell, and she burst into tears when she heard her daughter’s voice screaming even louder from inside. If she knew that motherhood was such a thing, she would never have gotten into these jobs, how long could she endure with such crises every day. He was a child, of course he would cry, of course he would express himself, but what happened to him that he could not take care of his own feelings? She was tired of feeling anger at everything, that couldn’t be motherhood, she was literally making her child go crazy with her own hands. Ah, what would have happened if someone had warned him, healed himself first, and the pain of his past had not returned to his child as pure anger. He never held his child responsible for these, but if he behaved like this, his child would feel responsible. He had to do something… On the one hand, he was crying and on the other hand, he was thinking about these things. I wish there was a demo of motherhood so that she could know in advance what she will experience and decide accordingly on the issue of children. It is not known whether these thoughts, or if something happened with the cessation of the crying sound outside, the child’s reflex is unknown, the woman’s crying stopped and calmed down a bit. She immediately opened the door, and tears broke out again as she saw her child fall asleep crying in the hallway. With tears in her eyes, the woman embraced the child and laid him on the bed. She was going to call her therapist right after. She would continue her interrupted therapy and put an end to this ridiculous anger.

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