delaying aging

We live in an age where digital technology dominates, where our level of life and life expectancy increases, so our homes are full of technological devices and we have comfortable latest model cars, we can go anywhere in the world in a short time with comfortable and fast planes. we can reach them.

But we can’t feel very well, we don’t feel very well, we have muscle pain, especially in the back and neck, weakness, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and worst of all, we are not happy. Getting old is inevitable, but we cannot achieve a healthy and happy life away from doctors and drugs by aging well, reducing wear and slowing aging.

In fact, we live by the concept of discovering and thousands of scientists work day and night for our comfort. Is there anything left to discover in life for people who do not deal with science, technology and medicine? Don’t say what’s left is to discover and realize life with awareness..

In the chaos of daily life, people can even forget to use the abilities that nature offers to them. In fact, our body is in such great harmony with the natural environment we live in that nature offers solutions to completely eliminate all the negativities we can do to our body, but we humans are not aware of this enough.

We continue to think that we can protect our body and mental health by realizing our immediate and long-term goals in work and social life. However, many blessings that modern life offers us threaten our health.

While many factors that our eyes see, our hands touch, that our soul perceives and cannot perceive are keeping us away from a healthy life, we are not even aware of what we are facing. Basically, extremely simple measures will suffice for us to overcome all these negativities…

In fact, without further ado, let me tell you my purpose: The purpose of this article, which will be published at regular intervals, is to increase the awareness of self-discovery of people under the guidance of ANTI-AGING philosophy.

It is the discovery of the body and the functioning of the body in the natural environment in which a person exists. It is learning to use the ability of body and mind health to protect it from the negative conditions they will encounter while living in the modern world. It is to make them understand that the ways of protection from them are important.

ANTI-AGING is not a trend or a fashion. It is a guide that will keep us alive, religious, alert, happy, peaceful and healthy at every moment of our life. If a person is conscious, he can accept these facts and live by enjoying every moment of his life.

This is a process that will be developed based on volunteerism and will. Desiring awareness is the herald of a quality life. And a quality life in terms of health is more beneficial than thousands of inventions that technology offers us.

No matter what stage of your life you are, do not forget that it is not too late to Live Aware.

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