Degenerative arthritis of pseudoarticulation between the os peroneum and cuboid: a rare cause of lateral foot pain.

~~The painful os peroneum syndrome is widely recognized. It is often the result of trauma. However degenerative changes between the os peroneum and the articular facet is much rarer and we could only find two other case reports in the literature. This report concerns a middle aged woman with chronic plantar-lateral foot pain and a limp secondary to degenerative changes between the os peroneum and its articular facet with cuboid. The aim of this study is to remind to orthopedic surgeons about painful os peroneum syndrome and to highlight the rarity of our case. In our case the mid term result of the excision of the os peroneum with painful articulation appear good, providing symptomatic pain relief with little alteration in the function of the foot.

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