Definition of play therapy

Playing games is one of the activities in which children express themselves best. So why do children love and need to play games so much? Play does not limit children’s dreams, children can be whoever they want, be where they want, or change situations that they don’t want to happen in reality. For this reason, the environment where children feel most comfortable and enjoy being is where they play.

What is play therapy?

Children have difficulty in expressing their feelings and thoughts by speaking like adults. For this reason, games and toys take the place of words in the play therapist, and in this way, children can find the opportunity to convey their experiences.

In play therapy, the therapist establishes an empathetic relationship with the child. The child realizes that he is understood, listened to, seen and accepted by the therapist. With this realization, the child trusts the therapist and the environment he is in, and can express his feelings and thoughts more easily.

The aim of play therapy is to find solutions to the emotional and behavioral problems of the child and to prevent other problems that may occur.

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