Definition of Family and Duties of Family Counselor

What and to whom do we call family? It has a very simple definition, isn’t it? We call family the smallest group of society consisting of parents and children. So, is there a rule to be a family? Or is it enough to get married, build a home or have children by living together in a house? It was enough in the past, there is more than one family model today, as family members, each of us is an individual and exists for the family. we want. It is very important that our values ​​are common values, our moral structure, our religious belief, even knowing our value and dignity next to each other as women, men and children. …. I mentioned the family and its definition above, a generation ago we heard the concepts of extended family and nuclear family frequently, but today we hear the concept of single-parent family frequently. Divorced or widowed individuals who do not want to remarry or remarry cannot find a way to establish their new system, how to establish a family system. or have difficulties in raising children alone.

We learn most of our roles and positions in the family from our families who maintain this institution or from our social environment. Our family model, which is framed by our own personality and outlook on life, is the best model for us. When we lose the divine, our transition to a new life is not easy.

In these periods when we are just building many marriage models socially, the efforts spent to keep the family system alive will relieve our clients, who will make it easier for them to reconstruct the systems that will emphasize the peace and happiness of the individual in the family, with family counselors.

Don’t forget that no one else can help you, only our task is to help you find the way you can’t find in the dark, to create spaces for you to breathe…

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