Definition of depression

Depression is on the lips of many people today. Anyone whose mood is deteriorating and who is bored can easily make this diagnosis for himself. So what is depression?

Depression makes the individual tired, exhausted; It is a situation where there is a noticeable change in sleep and eating patterns in which one feels worthless or guilty. Overeating or not being able to eat, oversleeping or sleeping despite not paying attention to body structure despite being hungry are evidence of these symptoms. The depressed individual has a state of indifference to almost all activities and not being able to enjoy what he is doing. He doesn’t take pleasure in almost anything he does or doesn’t want to do anything. These symptoms are generally followed by a state of isolating himself from what he does and being alone with his thoughts. This situation can lead the individual to a greater impasse. Depression, like many psychological disorders, occurs as a result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Studies show that women are more likely to experience depression than men. If you or someone close to you has more than one of the symptoms, getting help from a professional can save you from this dilemma.

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