Decide First to Lose Weight

Everyone is aware of the fact that it is necessary to eat healthy in order to live a healthy life. “Being on a diet” implies that there will be an end. In order to maintain a healthy weight, diet and exercise changes should be permanent.

Phrases such as “I tried many times before, but it didn’t work” are nothing but depressing. Give yourself this chance to improve your physical and mental health. It may be one of the first decisions to take your special nutrition list by consulting a nutritionist after having your blood tests done. You have a diet that you’ve been accustomed to for years, and it’s up to you to change it. So maybe the first day may be a little difficult for you. But Day 2, 3. When you say day, you see, it’s been a week and your nutrition program has now become a part of your life. After motivating yourself to lose weight, pay attention to the following;

1) Make it a habit to have breakfast!
Research has proven that individuals who have a healthy breakfast every morning lose weight faster, have lower cholesterol and more balanced blood sugar. It is also stated that individuals who prefer sleep over breakfast in the morning gain weight faster and are at risk of heart attack.

2) Don’t forget to have a snack!
Snacks; By stabilizing your blood sugar, it prevents you from getting hungry quickly, overeating at the next meal, and speeds up the metabolism. It helps you lose weight by keeping your appetite under control, and it also supports you to stay at your desired weight.

3) Don’t wait to be thirsty to drink water!
Drinking water has a positive effect due to its positive effects such as arousing a feeling of fullness in the stomach and increasing bowel movements. And the American Dietetic Association reports that women’s fat-burning mechanisms work well when they drink at least 11 glasses of water a day for optimal weight loss.

4) Do not go shopping without making a list!
When we shop on an empty stomach, we tend to eat more calorie foods and buy larger amounts of food. When you have a list, you will finish your shopping without going to the junk food section. You do not consume it when it is not in your home.

5) Take a step to live healthy!
Walking is the easiest exercise and the most important thing is that it is cheap and anyone can apply it. There are many results that show the health benefits of walking, especially in people who lead a sedentary life. While walking is an important activity for those who want to lose weight, it also has many benefits for health. Walking is recommended for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, for which campaigns are organized all over the world.

6) Be Positive!
Think about the kilos you will lose when you fall into despair and renew your belief in yourself. Repeat often that you can do better. Most importantly, keep in mind that losing weight will positively affect not only your appearance but also your physical and mental health.

And most importantly, love your body, overweight or thin, healthy or unhealthy. You do not have a chance to interfere with your genetic structure, but it is in your hands to make your body better by eating right.

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