Death and Life

on death

If you think why I brought up a nasty topic such as “death” today and upset you, do not make a hasty decision. After reading the article, you will understand that I do not intend to make you pessimistic.

Death is a topic that people avoid talking about or even thinking about. When a seriously ill patient thinks of his imminent death, he wants to say something to the people around him about it, but because they do not know what to say, they immediately silence him and change the subject. In this case, the patient is left alone with his thoughts. For some reason, people think that talking about death is giving up on life, and they live their lives as if there was no death. If they ask, everyone will say that they know that one day they will die. This is information. But they never live as if they are going to die one day.

The epidemic process has confronted people with death every day. In the first days of the epidemic, people fell into great fear because they felt death very close. Those who lost their loved ones felt this more deeply.

Yes, death is a reality and everyone will die one day.

So how can seeing and accepting this reality lead to a change in a person?

People spend their lives lavishly before they see this reality. However, every person has ideals, what they want to do, what they want to see. Just like a leaf falling into a flowing river, we forget these duties and wishes in the flow of life, and even because it is difficult to fulfill them, we often try not to notice them by filling our lives with things to forget. When death comes to the door, what really scares us is what we do not do, what we do not see.

However, every moment a person lives is full of endless opportunities and every moment is unconditionally meaningful. Seeing the meaning of every moment and seizing the opportunities of the moment is a person’s own decision. In other words, people have an infinite freedom to evaluate their life. The fact that there are curfews due to the epidemic, that people have no money in their pockets and that they have duties to fulfill are not an obstacle to their freedom. At that moment, the person himself decides what to do. He goes to work because he either loves his job, he needs this money, or this job will develop that person and prepare for what he will do later. He goes for a walk because walking is necessary for his muscles and bones, he wants to see a friend on a walk, or walking outdoors provides relief. When making choices, people tend to make choices that are meaningful to them.

I know a retired person, who can spend all his time resting and doing activities that will please him if he wants to. But he spends his time helping the sick people around him and accompanying them in the hospital. When a patient recovers, another patient finds and helps him. This person saw that his life was meaningful by helping people, and thus he lived a meaningful life.

If a person’s life is meaningful, or if he sees the meaning of life, it does not matter for that person that he will die one day. He can die peacefully.

If we now return to the reality of death, yes we will die one day, so let’s live this day with meaning and realizing the meaning. No restriction prevents a person from living a meaningful life. In fact, the ability to see meaning becomes even more important during restrictions. If one can see meaning even while living in a concentration camp, there are many meanings to be seen in a curfew for a few days. When a person sees the meaning, he appreciates and grows every moment he lives, and then he can defy death.

We are going to die so let’s realize the meaning of this moment. Life is worth living with enthusiasm.

I extend my love and respect to all of you, wishing you a long life and a day when you can see your own meaning.

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