Dealing with Uncertainty

One of the frequently asked questions lately is, how can we deal with the current uncertainty?

Uncertainty is one of the key triggers for anxiety. Emotions such as anxiety and fear allow us to survive in the face of uncertainty. The problem is in our modern world, this response function is different than it was in ancient times. In today’s world, everything is very fast and most of the uncertainties have been resolved. For example; Instead of waiting for the next episode of a TV series we watch, we can sit and watch all the episodes one after the other. When we go to a place, navigation finds the most comfortable way for us without traffic and it gives information about how long our road will take and eliminates uncertainty. We do not have to wait for letters, which may take days or even weeks. A few seconds are enough to communicate with each other, to learn that each other is good. As a result, we’ve gotten a little lazy about managing anxiety. Maybe this is the reason why anxiety complaints have increased so much lately…

In this period when we are perhaps exposed to the most uncertainty after a long time during the pandemic process, our goal should be to manage and cope with uncertainty, rather than how we can reduce it. For this, I have a few facilitating suggestions for you.

  • Try not to think about all the potential possibilities that don’t exist. Instead of ‘What can I do today?’ think. So focus on the near future, not the long future.

  • Rather than being afraid, focus on what you can do by thinking about what makes sense. (Following the recommendations of the authorities, taking care of your loved ones, getting closer to yourself…)

  • Discover and persist in doing things that bring you joy and help you relax.

  • Stay connected with people you care about.

  • Try to let go of the things you can’t control, I know it’s hard, but try to convince yourself to remember the things that it doesn’t pay off or even take away from you.

  • Do not hesitate to share your emotional difficulties with your loved ones. It will be easier to accept that you are not alone.

If you’ve tried these items but still can’t get any results, I suggest you talk to an expert.

Healthy days…

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