dealing with anger

Anger is a reactive anxiety that closes the pain.

When the problems we experience in our lives are not resolved in the short term, we feel anger as a secondary emotion after a while. .

As we suppress the feeling of anger, we become more angry, and as we get angry, we create a vicious circle in our relationships that become unresolved. .

* First of all, instead of suppressing the anger you experience, close your eyes and feel this anger inside you and accept the angry yourself you feel.

* Why does your experience anger you so much?

* What feelings does this event arouse in you?

* Focus on the emotion you feel underneath the anger.

* Can you be angry not to face this feeling?

* Ask yourself these questions and express the anger you feel and write the answers to these questions on paper.

Anger prevents us from seeing things from the macro consciousness (big picture).

When you face the emotion underlying anger, you become an individual who can regulate emotion. You can gain teachings and establish healthy and happy relationships by looking at the events you experience from a large window. .

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