Deafness of Hearing

How is the hearing?
The ear is divided into three parts: external, middle and internal. Each part in itself carries out the processes necessary for our hearing.
it does.

The outer ear consists of the auricle and the external auditory canal. These structures collect sound and send it to the eardrum.

The middle ear is located between the outer and inner ear; includes the eardrum and ear ossicles. Drink sound vibrations
transmits to the ear. In doing so, it works like a transformer, absorbing sound vibrations in the outer ear canal, internal
transferring it to the fluid in the ear, transforming it into fluid waves.

The inner ear contains the microscopic auditory nerve endings in the fluid. Fluid movements, it’s so subtle
they stimulate nerve endings. The stimuli ultimately transmit to the brain, where the sound energy is interpreted.

What are the Types of Hearing Impairment?
The outer and middle ear transmit and transform sound; The inner ear perceives. There is a disturbance in the outer and middle ear
conductive hearing loss develops. Nerve type (sensorineural) hearing loss due to a disorder of the inner ear
arises. Mixed (Mixt) type of hearing if discomfort in both the outer and middle ear and the inner ear are together
loss occurs.
Conductive Hearing Loss: Conductive hearing loss, closure of the external ear canal, hole in the eardrum
Occurrence may occur in middle ear infections or disorders of the middle ear ossicles. This type of
Deafness is usually correctable.

A person with conductive hearing loss feels as if their ears are full or blocked. own voice in your ear
Because he sounds strong, he often speaks slowly and in a certain tone. Generally better in crowded environments
hears. When eating rustling food, such as popcorn, sounds reflect a lot in your ears and
may feel the need to stop chewing to understand speech. With this type of hearing loss, the person
You can talk comfortably on the phone. Fortunately, a person with conductive hearing loss is suffering from this condition.
never fully deaf. Hearing all the time with a suitable operation or hearing aid
can be provided.

Nerve Type (Sensorineural) Hearing Loss: This type of hearing loss is caused by impaired inner ear circulation or fluid.
It is caused by high blood pressure or disturbances in nerve conduction. The most common cause is aging.
with changes in nerve endings. This type of hearing loss cannot be corrected, but rarely leads to deafness.
A patient with a nervous type hearing loss may say that he/she hears what is being said around him, but cannot understand it. Sound
The increase in the intensity only causes confusion. He can hear the speech but cannot perceive it clearly.
Hears more clearly in quiet environments, but has difficulty hearing what is spoken on the phone. low tones, high
she perceives more easily than voices, so she can hear what a man says more than a woman with a thin voice.
may find it understandable. He may not be able to hear the ring tone or the phone ringing in the other room. Phone and ringtones
must be adjusted accordingly.

Hearing Loss in One Ear: Hearing loss in one ear prevents the person from determining the direction the sound is coming from.
It is possible. Hearing when spoken by the disturbed ear or where the acoustics are not good
is forced.

Rehabilitation: In order to understand the cause and degree of hearing loss, a person should have an ear that is dealing with this work,
hearing tests should be performed by a nose and throat physician and an audiologist.

The treatment option is the elimination of certain deficiencies, preventive measures, medication, surgery or a combination of these.
it could be.
Every person with hearing loss needs adequate rehabilitation.

A good rehabilitation program includes lip reading, hearing training, speech training and development,
may contain.
All this may not apply to one person. Everyone gets help by taking as much as necessary. This
methods should not be underestimated, the help may be more than anticipated.

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