Danger bells may be ringing for your relationship!

Lovers, people who share the same house, verbal, engaged, married, almost everyone may have fears of being deceived and deceived. People decide according to their intuition whether their partners are cheating on them or not, so sometimes they are wrong and regret it, and sometimes they can’t take the right decision and implement it. These two separate decisions have a common result; frustration . In order to avoid such disappointment, we can list the most prominent features of the act of cheating…

Cheating is predictable. Studies reveal that women cheat on their wives because of love seeking and men mostly because of sexual dissatisfaction. But for whatever reason, when the couple doesn’t bury their head in the sand like an ostrich, they may realize that something isn’t right in their relationship and hear the alarm bells ringing. about cheating about the conditions under which the alarm bells began to ring.gave the following information:

“If he makes excuses to go out every time, if he comes home late,

– If he has put passwords on his mobile phone, tablet or computer and hides them from you,

– Started to spend more time on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MSN,

– If he travels frequently,

– If you can’t reach him occasionally and he doesn’t pick up his cell phone,

– If he thinks that being with you is hindering his life and work,

– Out of the blue, he starts sports and takes care of himself, his clothes and underwear that he hasn’t shown before,

– If there is an increase in credit card expenditures,

– If you are busy with other things in your one-on-one conversations and don’t look you in the eye,

– If he treats you in a cold and arrogant way,

– ‘Are you trying to dominate me?’ If he started to react,

– If he stopped being kind to you,

– Not taking a shower with you

– He no longer hugs you when you lie down, even if he started to sleep in front of the TV in order not to sleep in the same bed with you, or if your partner started having insomnia,

– If your sexual life has ended for no reason,

– If he started to forget his responsibilities one after another,

– Acts like you don’t exist every time you’re alone and have nothing to do

alarm bells are starting to ring.


As a result of many years of experience, the items listed above can be considered as a sign that love is over. For this reason, couples should not try to ignore these obvious facts in their relationships. marriage therapistYou need to make an appointment with

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