Recently, the possibilities brought by technology and the more widespread use of technology by young people has expanded the traditional concept of bullying and created a new concept of bullying through technology.

Anonymous calls, useless (spam), e-mails sent under a covert identity, insults and threats, e-mail or text messages to defame a person or group are some of these aggressions. In addition, audio, images and texts, infected e-mails, etc. spread over the Internet. All these harmful actions are also a form of aggression.

Research on cyberbullying is important in terms of reducing cyberbullying, getting to know the concept of cyberbullying, gaining coping skills and using technology more healthily. Due to the recently developed phone technology, communication tools have become more widespread and social media has become more active and easy to use thanks to the applications on the phones. Now people are connecting to these social networks and sharing their personal information from anywhere at any time.
Thanks to this new technology, tools such as photos and videos that were once very difficult to obtain, reproduce and transmit have become cheap and easy to obtain, reproduce and share. Especially the new generation tend to use social networks rapidly, perhaps because of their predisposition to technology.

However, these shares of young people can include uncontrolled and intensely negative behaviors. With the emergence of such an intense and effective technology, a new type of crime has emerged. The name of this type of crime is cyber victimization. The virtual attack made with the widespread internet and technology is called Cyber ​​Victimization. Cyber ​​victimization is the virtual form of bullying in normal life.

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