Curious about sexual therapy;

Questions About Sexual Therapy;

Sexual Therapy; It is a behavioral treatment applied to individuals or couples who have sexual problems or dysfunction by psychologists and psychiatrists trained in the field of sexual problems. It is a methodical and systematic way of solving non-organic sexual problems. A gynecology/urology examination is absolutely necessary to understand whether a sexual problem is of organic origin.

If the sex therapist; It defines people who have at least an undergraduate academic background in the field of mental health, receive structured training on sexual issues, and have done case studies in the field. sex therapists; They are well-equipped people who dominate psychological and physical issues related to sexuality.

What are the Approach Processes in Sex Therapy?

Sexuality is not just a medical phenomenon. It is a complex whole accompanied by biological, psychological, sociocultural and many other factors. If we talk about biology; Sex is a basic instinct. It is a process in which many hormones and chemicals are accompanied and the whole body participates. A healthy body is essential for a healthy sexuality. If we look at it from a psychological point of view; The body provides the infrastructure for a healthy sexuality. However, human psychology also determines the processes related to whom and where to live, how long to continue and how to achieve satisfaction. If we evaluate it from a socio-cultural point of view; The family in which a person grows up, the environment he lives in, his religious beliefs, moral attitudes and many values ​​can cause sexual problems without biological and psychological reasons.

Modern sexual treatments need to progress by addressing all three approaches.

How Does the Sex Therapy Process Proceed?

Before resorting to sexual therapy, it is important to check with a physician. Any somatic complaints or a physiological illness may have caused sexual problems or sexual dysfunction.

Your sexual history is taken alone, regardless of whether you seek sexual therapy individually or as a couple. In other words, you can only share the problem you are experiencing with the expert. Afterwards, the therapy process; goals, duration, fee, etc. determined together and treatment is started.

During any interview, no sex therapist or specialist accompanies, monitors or is involved in any practice or exercise. You can contact us for these and many similar questions and problems. I wish you healthy days. With love..

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