Curious about depression?

Depression is a state of mind where we can no longer take our responsibilities.

Watching this mood and waiting for it to pass by itself often results in this picture getting deeper.

Worst of all, the person sometimes feels so helpless, so helpless that he sees everything as unsolvable.

There are those who think about death. They may even fall into the error of perceiving death as a solution or salvation.

Depression is a state of unhappiness and hopelessness. Sometimes it progresses insidiously. Sometimes it crashes suddenly. No matter what it comes down to, he is persistent. Once he’s in someone’s life, he doesn’t want to go easy.

Depression is dark. With each passing day, his life becomes a little darker. It draws people in. You start to lose interest in life. The occupations that you enjoyed doing before begin to seem very distant to you. You either don’t enjoy your experiences as before, or you don’t even feel like doing them. It’s almost as if nothing gives you pleasure.

Depression upsets the balance. Your appetite seems to have either completely disappeared or has increased greatly. But it is no longer the same as before. There may be serious weight loss or serious weight gain in a short time.

Sleep is not what it used to be. Insomnia is one of the common symptoms. Some struggle to fall asleep at night. Some suffer from being unable to fall asleep once they have lost their sleep. Some people’s sleep has increased so much that they can’t get out of bed, they don’t want to get out.

Depression is the enemy of the life energy within us. It leaves us without energy. Those who do the same job and get more tired may become unable to do any work after a while. One feels slow and exhausted. Daily household chores begin to grow in popularity. There are housewives who do not even want to cook, as well as gentlemen who have begun to lose their productivity in their work.

Depression is a process, not a mood that comes and goes in one day. In that process, it begins to destroy people’s faith and trust in themselves. We begin to look at things negatively and perceive them as such. Some feel worthless. Others label themselves as unlucky or incompetent, generalizing the smallest negativity they encounter in daily life. Concentration may also be impaired. We often come across those who cannot understand what they read or cannot follow what is spoken. It becomes difficult to concentrate thoughts on a particular subject.

The depressed person is in distress. Their social relationships are not what they used to be. Some become withdrawn and begin to distance themselves from their friends and surroundings. He has no tolerance for anyone. Others start to become angry or even aggressive. They can easily offend the people around them.

If you are experiencing even half of what I wrote above and this situation lasts for at least fifteen days, it is likely that depression has taken over your life or is about to. Don’t wait any longer. If these criteria apply to someone you care about and love, do not waste your time. Consult a specialist as soon as possible.

Remember, depression is now very easy to treat and every moment of life is too precious to be wasted.

Symptoms of Depression in Women;

Mood characterized by a persistently sad, anxious, or “empty” feeling

Trying to share with his family and friends what he cannot share with his wife at home

Mental and psychological collapse, starting to live with the constant feeling that something bad will happen

Withdrawal from social life, decreased interest in daily activities

Irritability, quick startle and excessive crying

frequent urge to cry

carelessness in personal care,


the thought that no one cares about him,

initiating alcohol or substance use,

feelings of guilt,


intense worries,

decreased self-confidence,

concentration difficulties,

difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions


prolonged sadness

recurrent thoughts of death and suicide,

decreased energy, tiredness, feeling “slowing down”

sleep disturbance (too much or too little sleep),

excessive increase or decrease in appetite,

joylessness, lack of enjoyment of life,


decreased sexual desire or lack of interest

don’t turn in,

constantly thinking about past regrets and mistakes,

self-worthlessness, fatigue,

feeling empty and useless

The most important way for a woman to prevent her mental state from getting worse is to try to overcome the situation she is in with the help of a specialist.



Jealousy and possessiveness

Decrease or end of initial excitement

The ‘your family is my family’ debate

communication disorder

While women are given a more altruistic role in the family and society, men dominate and even

right to exploit women. Marriage is not always a situation that helps women.


postpartum depression

Extreme tiredness and insomnia

Disruptions in the body

Restriction of social life

increased sense of responsibility


According to social psychologists, much of our self-esteem and stress comes from our roles as mother, father, employee, boss, lover, student, or rather, what we do.

These social roles also give us status, social acceptance and self-confidence. Sadly, today raising children and being a housewife are not considered a status-forming role in modern society.


It is thought that the reason why depression is more common in women may be due to differences in reproductive biology (such as the level of some hormones).

It may also be due to some differences in the male and female brains. Emotional stimuli may be evaluated differently in male and female brains.

Intellectual Distortions

All or nothing thinking: You categorize things as black or white. If your performance declines, you will find yourself completely unsuccessful.

Overgeneralization: You view a single negative event as an endless pattern of defeat.

Mind filter: Selecting one negative detail and concentrating on it.

Don’t devalue the positives: don’t ignore the positives saying that doesn’t count

Jumping to conclusions: Making comments that something is negative as a result

– Mind reading: You are sure that someone is thinking negatively about you and you don’t even need to confirm it.
– Divination errors: Believing things will go wrong based on your feelings

Do not enlarge or shrink: Do not enlarge the negative things and shrink the beautiful ones.

Emotional attribution: Thinking that what you’re feeling is real

‘Should’ position: You try to motivate yourself with ‘should’s, but you feel blocked and your motivation decreases. The result is feelings of guilt.

Stigmatizing and mis-stigmatizing: This is an extreme example of overgeneralizing. When describing your mistake, you add it to the end, that is, I am an unsuccessful person.

Personalization: You blame yourself for many events that are not your responsibility.

‘What do women want most in life?’

Harun Reşit sets a condition for the general who committed a serious crime against him to be forgiven… He says, “I will spare his life, but I have one condition.”
‘What do women want most in life?’ this is what i want to know…

Bring the answer to this question;

save your head.”

The general asks, investigates, begins to search for the answer to this difficult question and
He learns that a witch in Mount Qaf knows this.
For days and nights, the horse races, finds the witch and asks:
What do women want most in life?

The dread witch makes such a condition for the answer that it is eaten and swallowed.
not the kind…..
-Marry me!!!!…..
Then you’ll learn only what you want…

The General accepts this deadly offer, and as soon as he gets the correct answer, he runs to Harun Reşit and
-Women most want to act of their own free will!. says..
Harun Reşit spares the General’s life, but has promised to marry the witch as well.
Anyway, they get married. On the first night, the General sees that the terrible witch in the dark room that has turned into a beautiful disaster…

The witch speaks:
-This is my destiny…. He says I can only be beautiful half the day, the other half says I am ugly.
What do you say? Should I be beautiful when I’m with you at night or when I’m out during the day?
The general thinks and says:
– You know, make the decision yourself. At that moment, the terrible witch will remain a beautiful woman forever….

1.Women most want to act of their own free will.
2. A woman who acts of her own free will is always beautiful.
3. Every woman, whether beautiful or ugly, is actually a witch.

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