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Acupuncture is a treatment method that is done by inserting various needles into certain points of the body and rotating these needles by hand, stimulating them with electric current, giving heat or stimulating the same points with a laser beam instead of the needle. In Chinese language, it is called Chen-Chin. In western languages, aqus (needle) puncture ( drilling) is used.

The acupuncture method has a history of 5000 years and is still used successfully today. The meeting of acupuncture with the western world started with the presentation of the Chinese acupuncture treatment to Nixon and his accompanying delegation during the US President Nixon’s visit to China in 1972.

Nixon was very impressed by this, and after returning to America, he sent American doctors to China, asking them to research acupuncture.

Today, acupuncture has been accepted by the world health organization and has proven itself as a scientific treatment method supported by it.

Acupuncture institutes and academies operating in many countries such as France, Italy, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, America and Russia have found a certain place in the medical world.

Treatments are made by inserting acupuncture needles into the skin points on certain meridians and in the ear, then leaving them there for certain periods of time and electrical stimulation if necessary. The condition of the needles and the duration of their stay in the body, the power of the electric current and the time are important factors in the treatment. The first effective factor in acupuncture treatment is not the needle, but the points where it is inserted and then the stimulation of these points.

Needles can be made of gold, silver or stainless steel. These needles can be stimulated by hand turning or by applying an electric current. Laser beam can be applied to acupuncture points instead of needles.

According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, the disease depends on the deterioration of the Yin and Yang balance in the body. Yin represents the negative (sedative) forces, Yang the positive (stimulating) forces, and there is a balanced harmony between the two. In case of illness, one of these two powers is thought to be dominant over the other. These Yin and Yang are intertwined, they cannot be separated from each other. Correction of this imbalance can be achieved by needling selected acupuncture points.

Energy, or Chinese Tsri, consists of two main parts. If we want to explain this with western medicine, we can compare it with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. There are various energy sources. Such as constitutional energy and energy taken with nutrients. There is a constant commitment and interest in change between these energies, and the disruptions in the energy flow cause diseases. In other words, diseases are manifestations of disturbances in this balance. By applying acupuncture, the person tries to detect and treat the balance disorder between the meridians with different methods. The aim is to restore the broken balance.

Energy channels are called meridians. The energy circulates in these channels for 24 hours without a break. There are 12 symmetrical pairs of meridians, 6 on the front and 6 on the back of the body.

We can list the application areas of acupuncture as follows:

Classical body acupuncture

auricular acupuncture

skull acupuncture

hand acupuncture

acupuncture practice The modes of delivery are as follows:

laser acupuncture



On which scientific foundations can the acupuncture method be based?

Many scientists have thought about this issue and many researches have been done. According to some scientists, the acupuncture method can be explained on the basis of cybernetic systems. In the cybernetic system, a main purpose is to get a desired job done by the living thing. Through the acupuncture method, living beings can be made to do certain jobs, and while this work is being done, the organism is content with only its own means. For example, no support is provided by giving medication from outside. The repair process is started with an order from the acupuncture points.

According to some scientists, the acupuncture method is effective by correcting the disturbed energy balance of the organism. Living beings need energy to survive. Energy is produced within the organism. Nutrients are used to produce energy. These substances, taken with food, are destroyed down to the smallest building blocks by being under the influence of many health while passing through various layers of the digestive system.
In order for the organs to perform their functions in a balanced way, anabolism and catabolism must be balanced. Life can be sustained by the existence of cells and their regular fulfillment of their duties. Because these small individuals form organs by taking tissues and some organic and inorganic substances among them. Thus, a wonderful structure consisting of very complex systems that we call an organism is formed. This extraordinary structure is a whole made up of individual cells, that is, living things.

According to the Chinese, there are 2 types of energy, Yang and Yin.

Yang: Its luminosity indicates anabolic energy, sun, masculine

Yin: It represents darkness, catabolic energy and femininity.

The energy circulates in the body on the Yang and Yin meridians, on which acupuncture points are lined up. If these two energies circulate in balance on the meridians, which are called by their names, the organs can perform their normal functions, otherwise diseases will occur.

Control Play Some Diseases for which the efficacy of acupuncture has been proven by studies

Painful menstruation (primary)

allergic rhinitis


neck pain

low back pain

nausea, vomiting



Knee pain

joint sprain

gastritis, ulcer

Treatment of certain strokes

essential hypertension



Reducing the side effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy

rheumatoid arthritis

Smoking addiction

Back pain

tennis elbow

In vitro fertilization treatment

facial pain

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