Cupping Therapy and Hijama

The treatment method, which is based on creating a vacuum to increase blood circulation and provide healing, is called “Cup Therapy”. In order to get rid of the disease or to protect health, the treatment method in which the dirty blood is taken from the congestion, capillaries and thin veins at certain points where waste materials are collected intensively is called “Wet Cupping Therapy”. Wet cupping therapy is also known as “hijama” among the people. Cupping is a unique form of treatment that has been practiced by the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and ancient Chinese civilizations for 5000 years. It has been used for the treatment of diseases for centuries. It is the process of removing heavy metals and toxic substances that accumulate in the dermis and harm the body with special vacuum cups. It is an easily applicable natural treatment method for providing hemostasis in the body by stimulating acupuncture points and regulating the vegetative nervous system. When liver or kidney points are used for cupping, besides the local effect, systemic effects occur and the dysfunction of the organs is improved.

It strengthens the immune system by stimulating the immune system (macrophage and histiocytes in the dermis) and increasing the level of immune response products such as interferon and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) due to artificial local inflammation created by acute trauma through cupping therapy. Immunological studies have shown that cupping therapy modulates immune responses and in this way can improve disease activity and prognosis.

Cupping therapy is a medical treatment that has taken its place among the “Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practices” of the Ministry of Health.

Cupping Therapy;

• In lung diseases

• Migraine and other headaches

• Neck, neck and shoulder pain

• Lumbar hernia and Lumbagoda

• In heirs

•In hypertension

•Knee joint pains and calcifications

In type 2 diabetes

•In rheumatism

• In paralysis

• In gynecological diseases



•To increase immunity

It is used in fibromyalgias.


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