It is an effective, approved method that allows you to get rid of regional lubrication that distorts the body shape such as abdomen, stomach, waist edges, underarms, hips, inner thigh fat, and fat under the chin, without surgery, painlessly and in a healthy way.

With the Vacuum Cold Lipolysis device, the application is made to the areas with excess fat on the body with 360 degrees freezing feature, with different sized caps, for 30 minutes up to -10 degrees. The procedure is completely painless. At the end of the session, you can return to your normal life.

With the applied freezing process; they enter the process of fat cells in the fat layer under the skin. It means that fat cells shrink and shrink, lose their functions and disappear irreversibly.

Cryo lipolysis accelerates the breakdown of fat cells and ensures that they are removed from the body through metabolism. In this way, the fat layer under the skin becomes thinner.

After 3 weeks, the thinning effects begin to be felt. Loosening in clothes, body shaping continues up to 3 months. It is one of the most effective methods among non-surgical regional thinning treatments. For most people, a single session is sufficient, and for people with intense problems, 2-3 sessions can be applied with 1 month intervals.

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