I sometimes hear from parents saying, “He is a very happy child, he never cries”. However, trying to raise a child who does not cry; means denying basic needs such as love, food.

????Our child’s crying can often leave us unresolved. Some of the reasons for this are; It may be that we as parents cannot bear to cry or that we do not know what the child is crying for. Around here, it is very important to focus on what crying means to us. “What does crying mean to me, what happens to me when my baby cries?”

????Crying for babies is a form of communication. After all his needs are met, we need to respond to his need to cry. Even if we do not know the reason, we should not withhold our eye contact and skin contact with them. Because children need their parents to calm down.

We should look at crying as a need. It is invaluable to stay with them in the moment, relying on the healing power of tears.

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