Crooked Leg Correction

Especially in young girls, there may be complaints of crooked legs due to the curvature of the leg bones below the knee or soft tissue deficiency. These complaints can be successfully corrected with silicone prostheses similar to the same breast prostheses. Although I rarely use this method in my patients, I use fat injections more frequently. With fat injection, corrective fillings that eliminate this crooked part are made and the result in the same silicone prostheses is obtained. Although it is a disadvantage of this technique that some patients need 2 or 3 sessions of oil injection, performing this aesthetic procedure from the person’s own fat is an acceptable method according to the risk of carrying a foreign object such as a silicone prosthesis in the body for life. In addition, this leg area is quite open to trauma and scientifically compared to the silicone prostheses used for breast prosthesis, these prostheses placed in this region have a higher risk of getting out of the body and infection.

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