Fissure (striae) is the current problem of almost everyone, men and women. rapid weight gain, pregnancy,
It develops as a result of the loss of elasticity of the skin due to reasons such as puberty and excessive sports.

It is most commonly seen in the abdomen, chest, hips, arms and legs. Abdominal pain during and after pregnancy
and are observed as vertical lines on the breasts, which are called growth lines during adolescence.
horizontal stripes are mostly observed on the back and legs.

The crack is red-purple in the early period and turns white over time. most suitable for treatment
time is the early period, that is, red-purple colored cracks respond faster to treatment.

Treatment methods, the age of the patient, the area of ​​the crack, the period of the crack (early-late), the depth of the skin.
varies according to the severity of the loss of elasticity.
The main devices used in the treatment are;
Fractional carbon dioxide laser
Plasma energy (PLEXR)
Needle radiofrequency (SCARLET)

Fractional carbon dioxide and plasma energy is generally used in winter months, in areas that are not exposed to sun,
They are the first choice devices used in the treatment of severe and intense cracks. If loss of elasticity
If it is in the plan, before the fractional laser, the needle radiofrequency device is used to heat the collagen tissue by giving heat to the sub-tissue.
can be warned. Treatments with these devices can also be combined with PRP (platelet rich plasma).
can be done. The growth factors in the serum obtained with PRP are given to the problem areas and tapped.
helps it renew itself.

Except for fractional carbon dioxide laser, other devices are available in our clinic. Not the only device for the patient
We use several treatment methods together.

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