Covid-19 Triggers Clot Formation in Veins

The new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), which has increased its effect worldwide, causes serious damage to other organs as well as the lungs. Kovid-19, which causes a systemic involvement in the body, increases the tendency to clot, especially in terms of cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bozbaş, in his statement, said that cardiovascular diseases are the most common and leading cause of death worldwide.

Emphasizing that more than 40 percent of deaths worldwide are due to cardiovascular diseases, Bozbaş said, “In other words, approximately half of the deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is considered as the disease of the age. In Turkey, about 200 thousand people die from cardiovascular diseases annually. is losing.” he said.

Pointing out that Turkey’s scorecard is not good in terms of the incidence of cardiovascular diseases when compared to developed countries, Bozbaş said, “The age of having a heart attack in European Union countries is around 65 for women and 55 for men, unfortunately, in Turkey it is 55 years for women and 45 for men. 50. Cardiovascular diseases are seen 10 years earlier in Turkey compared to European Union countries. said.

prof. Dr. Bozbaş stated that malnutrition, overweight, stressful life and smoking are among the main causes of cardiovascular diseases in the earlier age group in Turkey.

“Coronavirus creates a tendency to clot”

Pointing out that the Kovid-19 epidemic, which is seen worldwide and whose effect continues to increase, has multiple effects on health, Bozbaş continued his words as follows:

“Kovid-19 does not only affect the lungs, but also other organs. In other words, it is a systemic involvement. For this, the cardiovascular systems play an important role. Because the coronavirus tends to clot, that is, it triggers the formation of clots in the vessels. It is of great importance in terms of cardiovascular disease. Since heart diseases are seen in an earlier age group in Turkey compared to European Union countries, possible risks increase with Kovid-19. Coronavirus affects elderly patients more seriously and cardiovascular diseases are more common in elderly patients. Unfortunately, when seen frequently, the virus can be more lethal in this group.”

“The treatment should not be interrupted during this period”

Emphasizing that the elderly and those with cardiovascular disease should be much more careful, Bozbaş said that the frequency of the disease is predicted to increase, especially with the onset of cold weather and upper respiratory tract problems.

Bozbaş stated that with the winter season, more time will be spent indoors and pointed out that mask-distance-hygiene should be applied more meticulously.

Pointing out that the risk increases due to the high burden of chronic disease in people aged 65 and over, where the virus is more lethal, Bozbaş said:

“It is important for patients to continue their treatment without interruption during this period, especially for cardiovascular disease. However, in general, everyone should pay attention to their sleep patterns, stay away from stress, have a balanced and adequate diet. Adequate physical activity during the day should not be neglected.

Since you will not be able to go out due to the cold weather, you should move as much as possible inside the house. If there is a treadmill with the permission of the physician, it should be used and the bicycle should be ridden. If it is allowed, it should be moved frequently at home, cultural physical movements should be done. Exercise should be done for 30-60 minutes during the day. Because exercise is important for both cardiovascular health and strengthening immunity. On the other hand, care should be taken to take enough fluids during the day.

prof. Dr. Bozbaş emphasized that weight gain is seen in general during the pandemic process and emphasized that this situation should be paid attention to. Stating that obesity increases the risk of disease, Bozbaş stated that everyone should reach their ideal weight as soon as possible, and stated that while eating an adequate and balanced diet, it would be beneficial to reduce portions, eat mostly vegetables, and avoid carbohydrate foods.

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