Covid-19 increases children’s screen time

While the time spent in front of the screen for children should be limited to one or two hours, the lack of opportunities for children to go out of their homes and socialize during the pandemic period, continuing education online, caused an increase in the time spent with technological devices such as television, tablet, mobile phone and computer.

Technology not only makes our daily life easier, but also brings with it many problems. Due to uncontrolled screen time, attention and learning problems can be observed in children, less physical movement, obesity, vision problems, sleep problems, aggressive behaviors can be seen, and it can also interfere with their mental, social and language development. Especially the 0-3 age period is the age when the mental development of children is most important. In this period, the child learns about his environment by observing and imitating. While the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend screen use for children under the age of 2, it recommends one hour of screen time per day in the presence of their parents for children aged 2-5. For this reason, people who are in contact with children in this age group should pay attention to their screen time.

What Should Parents Do?

At least 1 hour before going to sleep, avoid exposure to screen light and pay attention to sleep patterns.

Avoiding eating on the screen and exercising should be done.

It is necessary to pay attention to stay away from the screen for at least 10 minutes every hour.

Screen time should be kept under control.

When you notice that you are looking at the screen carefully, you should remind yourself to blink.

Attention should be paid to the position of the screen relative to the sitting position.

By keeping the screen in a position to prevent direct light hitting the screen, reducing the brightness of the screen.

Apart from online training, it should be used by dividing the screen permission.

Screen rules should be set together with children.

Parents should set an example (not to go to another screen after the online meeting).

Screen time exposure by doing family activities should be shortened.

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