Covid-19 Anxiety

The new type of coronavirus epidemic, which emerged in November 2019 and affected the whole world, has now reached 71 million cases and 1.6 million deaths all over the world, according to the current data of the World Health Organization. In the face of this situation, people have faced great mental pressure as well as physical protection efforts, and the situation has taken its place in the literature as Covid-19 Anxiety. Scientists, who aimed to make inferences about today by examining the years of similar epidemics in the past years, wrote that the fear of death, separation, suffering and losing loved ones brought people into situations such as panic, fear, excitement and stress, according to their first determinations. The World Health Organization announced the Covid 19 epidemic as a global epidemic on March 11, 2020 and announced that all countries of the world should take a common stance in the fight against the epidemic. Since then, a state of panic, stress, fear and excitement, which is described as the fear of contracting the covid-19 virus, has begun in individuals. It has been observed that people who are infected with the virus are less stressed than their mood before they become ill, and it has been recorded in studies. According to the WHO recommendations approved and recommended by the Ministry of Health in Turkey, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals should work together in this period for psychological disorders to be experienced during the pandemic period, and that regular and truthful information about the covid-19 epidemic should be provided. It was emphasized that it should be shared with the society in a clear and clear way and that all kinds of information should be conveyed to people and enlightened, and psychological support should be provided face-to-face when conditions allow, and remotely (via telephone and internet) when it is not possible.

Emphasizing that it is necessary to remind people that this difficult period is temporary and that their hope for life should not be lost, and then what the individual should do in case of stress and panic are summarized by the health institutions as follows;

stop. breathe. Think.

Contact us. Determine your health routine. Don’t forget to show kindness.

Do not hesitate to ask for support.

Individuals should be informed that they should not hesitate to receive support and that they should apply to specialists for the treatment of anxiety disorder caused by the covid-19 epidemic in this period.

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