Covid-19 and Dentistry

Since the Covid-19 epidemic is not over yet, the question of whether it is dangerous to go to the dentist naturally comes to many people’s minds. Because when it comes to health, there is no joke. First of all, rest assured; we dentists already routinely have every patient with hepatitis b, c or We were working with HIV-like hygiene protocols. Now we have a new cheesy guest: covid-19. This requires us to take additional measures regarding our sterilization and disinfection personal protection barriers.

In this new process, not only we dentists, but also our patients have some duties. We can list it as follows.

First of all, if you have complaints that we all have almost memorized, such as fever, weakness, muscle and headache cough, please postpone your dental treatment plan and apply to a health institution.

Do not go to the dentist without an appointment. We are getting fewer patients in the new period. The reason for this is not to create a crowd in the clinic and the hygiene protocols before, during and after the treatment take much longer than before.

Please come to your appointment alone if possible, even by waving your hands.

Allow your temperature to be taken and hand disinfected at the door before entering the clinic.

Be sure to wear a mask in the clinical waiting areas.

Whether you believe in the existence of Covid-19, your predictions about whether it is 5G or man-made is not our priority. Our priority is your health and ours. Please respect that.

Apart from the white coat and surgical uniforms you are used to, we have to provide you with treatment services with additional personal protective equipment. This may interrupt our verbal communication with you. Because it is much more difficult to convey our voice to you after masks. We expect you to be understanding.

Yes, you may feel like astronauts or aliens are treating you. Remember that we are not only protecting ourselves but also you from ourselves.

Imagine you are on a movie set in 2020 and have fun.

We wish to meet the days when our public health improves as soon as possible.

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