There are turning points in people’s lives. Starting school is one of them.

Leaving the family environment and street friendship is in a different structure with rules.

found. the child; called school; this building with lots of rules, crowds and action

confrontation may cause fear. She may feel alone and vulnerable.

As a result, some aches and pains as an excuse; may not want to go to school.

Lesson This problem, which we call school reluctance, is actually a temporary phobic problem.

is a disorder. Here, everyone related to the child; mother, father, teacher and support

must have a common attitude with the expert. Parents’ schooling process

Even a study that prepares the child for this school life before starting

Failure to do so or not knowingly exposes the family to this undesirable surprise.

leaves. Parents with this type of complaint and problem must seek expert support.

should receive. Human is a social entity. During the socialization process, the child’s parents and

Teachers also have a role to play.

Stay with love.!

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