Couples Counseling

Couple counseling is a counseling service for couples to solve problems in their relationships and make sense of it. While focusing on solving these problems, the direction is drawn by paying attention to the basic infrastructure of how to create their own relationship systems based on relationship dynamics. It is envisaged to create a healthy communication cycle of the conflict experienced rather than the rise of conflicts over any problem experienced between the partners. It is quite normal that there are many crises in the relationship, but the main problem is the severity of the reaction to the crisis rather than the crisis. However, the important thing is that the relationship is placed on a secure ground.

The aim of couples counseling is to find a place in the relationship by expressing oneself in the relationship, by breaking the cycle of irreconcilable conflicts and providing reconciliation. It is to ensure that the relationship is maintained in a healthy and safe manner.

Difficulties in relationships arise as a result of mutual interactions. In couples counseling service, it is not to find the wrong side in the relationship, but to try to define the problem experienced, to reveal the role of both parties in the formation of this problem, to find out what the couple really wants to tell each other. Thus, it helps them to find more realistic solutions to the problems experienced.

Couple counseling enables crisis prevention and conflict reduction, as well as finding timely solutions, and building the relationship on healthier foundations.

Frequently Encountered Reasons for Application

  • Communication

  • not being understood

  • Discussions

  • Cheat

  • Insecurity

  • Jealousy

  • Inability to Express Oneself, Being Justified by the Other Party, Not Being Understanded, Not Being Listened

  • Inability to Find Solutions to Conflicts

  • Unhappiness

  • Anger

  • Sexual Problems

  • Indifference

  • burnout

  • Separation

  • Thinking Their Relationships Are Affecting Children Negatively

  • Biological Family Effect/Problems (Mother-in-law – Father-in-law Problems)

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