Couple/Marriage Therapy

From time to time, some problems arise in most of the marriage or unmarried couple relationships.
can come out. These are sometimes among the spouses or among the trustworthy, experienced and authority of the parties.
It can be solved with the help of a friend or close family member that they perceive as Some
In some cases, the problems become more extensive and/or unresolved and become chronic and consult a specialist.
assistance is needed.

In cases where the problem with the content of the relationship is more prominent than the problems with one of the spouses, or
In cases where the couple’s demand is in this direction, the negotiations are continued as a couple and couple/marriage therapy
is applied.

Spouses may not be equally motivated to receive assistance in applications. Even just a couple
one or more families
Applications due to the wishes of other individuals (mothers and fathers, children, siblings, etc.) are rare.
is not. This lack of motivation is one of the biggest obstacles to solving the couple’s problems.
One of the primary goals of the couple therapist is this motivation, which is in one or both partners.
to fix his weakness.
The first studies on marriage therapy started in the 19th century. Psychodynamics and insight over time
various approaches and schools such as oriented, constructivist, cognitive-behavioral, systemic-strategic, educational
started to be used. Regardless of the method used, the specific goals of marriage/couple therapy

• Resolving marital conflicts
• To ensure that the emotional needs of the spouses are perceived and satisfied
• To deal with and correct the mental symptoms and functional disorders in the individual, if any.
to work
• To increase communication skills
• To determine the behaviors that spouses can use to solve the problem and to apply their skills.
• Challenging life events such as traumatic events, physical or mental problems faced by the spouses
Increasing problem solving skills

Problems in marriage/couple therapy are a problem that is agreed upon after hearing from each couple separately.
are sorted and these problems are handled together with the couple in order of priority. between meeting
Some exercises can be given for their double application on days.

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