Could You Be Grinding Your Teeth?

I have told you about the harms and treatments of bruxism as a teeth clenching or grinding problem.

Our ancestors did not say for nothing, “Close your teeth!” saying. Yes, even though there is such a word, we dentists have been looking for various ways to prevent this clenching event for a long time. First of all, if we are asked what is bruxism, we can answer it as uncontrolled clenching of the teeth. This is done involuntarily (reflex) by the brain. It is mostly observed during sleep and can cause serious damage to the teeth and jaw joint for many years. According to studies, this condition is seen in up to ninety percent of the population and is often not noticed by the person. It may be helpful to follow up with a second person to observe the existence of this condition.

Although the reason is not known exactly, it is observed that it increases in psychological disorders and stress situations, and contrary to what is known, the use of antidepressant drugs increases the tendency to grind teeth (bruxism). Apart from this, it usually progresses in the form of periodic increase and decrease. In general, when you get up in the morning, it is felt as a sensitivity and pain in all teeth and jaw muscles.

In cases where the cause cannot be eliminated, orthodontic or prosthetic treatments can be planned to improve the contact points of the teeth and regulate the occlusion. The tooth distance lost due to wear over the years can be tried to be regained. In very advanced diseases, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs are used or some surgical interventions can be performed on the joint. Sometimes botox applications are applied to the chewing muscles and the function of the muscles is tried to be reduced.

People who have such problems should be followed up for a long time with periodic dental check-ups. In cases where the discomfort is advanced, splints can be used both day and night. Such complaints should not be neglected, as they cause irreversible damage over a long period of time.

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