Cosmetic Dentistry

Laminate: They are thin leaf-shaped porcelain structures placed on the front surface of your teeth. If the appearance of your teeth disturbs you aesthetically, if you have broken, split, rotten or dark color complaints; Lamina veneers are an alternative to cutting and covering all of your teeth.

Zirconium: Light transmittance similar to the tooth structure is the golden key to the aesthetic and one-to-one natural appearance of full porcelain crowns.

Composite Fillings (laser filling): With the developments that allow the use of porcelain as a filling, it is possible to have both aesthetic and long-lasting fillings.

Diamond: make a difference in your smile in just 10 minutes. It does not harm the tooth and is easily removed when desired.

Smile Design: In smile design, the symmetry of the gums and their appearance as needed is an important and complementary element for the applied individual. When we smile, the junction of the teeth and gums should be visible. It is not aesthetic for the individual to appear more gingival than necessary while smiling. This problem can be easily corrected with a simple surgical procedure.

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