Correct Posture and Brain Control

Posture; It refers to the alignment of parts of our body in harmony with each other during rest or activity. Scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis are examples of postural diseases of the spine, but healthy people should also pay close attention to posture. Correct posture ensures that the body weight is transferred to the base, preventing extra load on any joint or organ. Thus, the possibility of experiencing back, neck, hip pain decreases. Correct posture has other consequences that are just as important. Standing tall is our image, our beauty, our strength, and our message to the world.
Your stance is perhaps the hope of all of us.

One of the few rules of being healthy is stress control. It is not possible to live without stress, but it is possible to control it. There are a number of techniques to achieve this. However, if we can achieve brain development, our need for these methods may decrease or disappear. Sometimes we can feel like we are lost in a maze. People who have completed their brain development look at this labyrinth from above and find the exit easily. So how is brain development achieved? Neurons, which are brain cells, communicate with each other by electric current. Any concept exists in our brain in the form of electrical currents. The color yellow, pencil, television, sour apple, pain, happiness, respect, benevolence, evil all create space in the form of electric currents. In the brains of people who can fully define the concepts, only the relevant part lights up and there is no confusion. The electric currents of the people who cannot identify them get into each other. For example; If happiness cannot be defined, many circuits in the brain light up and the person does not know what to feel. That’s why people who are happy and healthy define such concepts very well. And one of the common misconceptions is that brain development can only be achieved in young people. Plasticity is more possible in younger Humans. This concept; It means enabling other brain cells to learn these tasks instead of non-functioning brain cells. However, plasticity happens at any age and we can reach happiness, health and beauty at any age if we want.

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