Coronavirus Psychological Effects

The Corona epidemic and quarantine process is a challenging situation for everyone. In addition to threatening our health, the rapid spread of the virus and the uncertainty of the process made the situation more difficult. New for everyone, newly discovered, and while increasing the measures day by day, adapting and adapting reveals psychological effects. To know what we are fighting while struggling, to have experienced possible changes before and to know the process-end; While making our job easier, these facilitating factors do not exist in the process we are going through today. Therefore, new experiences, staying in uncertainty and the complex emotions that result from these are experienced; The most important thing is to manage these emotions. Not knowing the future, not being able to see ahead; most commonly it elicits anxiety and fear. The presence of these emotions is quite natural in this process. However, the intensity/intensity of emotions is an important criterion.

When we think of the Corona epidemic as a threat / danger; Feeling the natural feelings of anxiety and fear in the face of this threat has a motivating function for us. Through these feelings, we protect ourselves and take precautions. We can see a person who has no worries, does not have behaviors to fight, does not take precautions and underestimates this process in the dimension of indifference. If there is a very high intensity emotion; The daily routine of the person has an effect that disrupts his functionality (eg, not being able to go to work, not being able to cook, not being able to take care of his child, etc.). Being too high of emotions is harmful, and ignoring and ignoring emotions can be just as damaging. Feelings that you keep inside, that you suppress by forcing yourself not to live; it can cause physical problems (stomach, intestinal problems, pain, etc.). It is necessary to know that anxiety, like every emotion, is natural and has a function; If we know how to recognize emotions, if we notice their functionality and do not ignore them; It becomes easier to manage our emotions.

Since it is an epidemic that surrounds the whole country and the world, there are two dimensions to the psychological effects of this process: Individual and Social.

From an individual perspective, each individual is required to take precautions and fulfill their responsibilities (such as wearing masks and gloves, hygiene, being isolated). In addition to these responsibilities, it is important to be alone with isolation, awareness and management of the feelings of restrictions and not being able to see their relatives. At this point, being unable to be with loved ones, being alone and having to manage emotions alone; Although it causes disadvantages in individual effects, receiving this support with the help of technology and the channel of relations with our relatives should be maintained. On the other hand; Staying with yourself, discovering yourself and struggling makes people stronger and turns into an advantage when considered as an opportunity to improve yourself.

In the social dimension; Since this epidemic and quarantine situation affects all people, it creates the agenda everywhere every day. We are exposed to information about the Corona epidemic in conversations, social media, news, and television. This creates a disadvantage in the social dimension, at this point, individual information and talking about this subject should be limited. Another requirement of this limitation is; It occurs when the person(s) you communicate with and talk to about this issue are more worried than you. A casual phone call can make you more anxious and panicked from then on.


It is also possible to take advantage of this size. Common feelings can be shared because the process that is going through concerns all people. It becomes easier to establish empathy and to understand one another and what they are going through. This material-spiritual opens the door to extending a helping hand to someone else and being united.

When faced with many difficulties and problems in life as it is now; one’s coping methods and adaptability work. Sometimes learning different and new coping strategies, getting social or professional psychological support can increase the list of things to do. Seeing that the situation has not changed after this struggle should not cause despair. Because at this point, a different perspective can help.


to accept; It is not about being tied up by grappling with negative emotions in the face of a problem. It is focusing on what you can do with your coping power about the current situation and accepting its existence if the situation is still the same after doing what is necessary. This acceptance may be the key you need.

This changes your perspective towards the situation/event and the change itself starts at that moment.

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